Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

This week has been absolutely amazing! I am not even sure I have anything negative I could think of writing about. Which is absolutely fantastic, cause this is an optimistic blog!

+First off. Apple has done it again. They created a iPod touch that is smaller; they created a social network through iTunes; and my most favorite, the new touch iPod Nano! 2010 Nano. This makes me happy most of all because currently I have the video Nano. I love my video Nano cause of the small size, although I need one with more space since mine does not have enough room for my music. So this new Nano is fun cause it's touch screen, plus it's tiny! Yay! One day after getting caught up on bills I may purchase one. Maybe.

+School. All of it. I Love it.
+Creative Design for Theater. This class will mostly be art projects that will help us with our skills on designing a theater set. This class will help me expand my knowledge on stage set up, costumes, and some lighting.
+Introduction to Stage Lighting. I will have the opportunity to help design and set up lighting for the Musical Carousal, Valencia's Fall semester theater production. Yay!! I also get four complementary tickets for this play, and I have to attend it for a grade. Talk about awesome homework. Haha.
+Introduction to Theater. I definitely have one of my already favorite teachers at Valencia. I feel like I am going to be learning a lot in this class, and I will enjoy the learning. Bonus!

+Last weekend I made a trip to Arcadia. I was able to spend some time with my mother and father, which was lovely cause I missed them a ton. [] I got to hang out with Nicole and Taylor! Plus I got to see my best friend Brittany!! Among the other people, like my old work and locals I ran into, I really enjoyed my few days within Arcadia. Not to mention remembering what it feels like to sit at a 4-way traffic light and be the only one there. Ha.

+Meeting new people at school!

+LOL. This is wrong is so many ways, though I cannot stop laughing when I see it. English Only Driver License Exams. To further your laughter, watch this after: Cover of Tim James Ad.
More Laughter? Makes Sense to me? Oh boy, does this just get better! Safer Than Safe.

+Wearing new school clothes.
+My roommate had an extra mattress, she's letting me use it until I go out and buy the bed I had been planning to purchase for some time now. For now my back will be much appreciative of this bed. Yay.
+Haircut! No more dead ends! Not to mention being HAPPY about my haircut again!
+Having my alarm clock back.
+Knowing you're in the right place.
+Converse shoes=Comfy. I was also able to use the bottom of it for a stencil when painting. Which also looked kind of like a Chinese symbol. Haha

Alrighty, I have already drank my chamomile tea so I am going to go read a bit of Dr. Faustus, one of my play books for my Creative Design for Theater class. Then I will fall asleep and sleep in as much as I can tomorrow. I am so excited! I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday, and a wonderful weekend! It's Labor Day weekend, which means an extended weekend. Woot! It's almost here! Thanks again for reading my blog. Seriously, I know lately I've been quite boring with only TILT. Though if I wasn't posting these, there would be nothing. Haha.
Love you all,

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