Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

It's Thursday, which means it is time for me to rant about the great things from this week. [Pretending my week runs from Friday-Thursday. haha]

+Finishing and turning in an amazing portfolio for my lighting class. I seriously love learning things in that class. I even felt pretty confident about the exam this past week. Yay!

+Receiving a 55 out of 60 for my 90day evaluation for work. I am officially officially hired!

+Great parking spots.

+Being able to watch the sunrise while working. Win.

+Getting through my overload of homework this week.

+Encouragement from other students.

+Being told I have pretty eyes. Randomly by a student in my theatre class.

+Cardio. Specifically on the elliptical.

+Someone turning in my phone to security at work because I left it in the locker room. Thank Heavens. 

+Feeling ok about not having my phone for a day. I don't feel lost without an electronic.

+The show Outsourced. Hilarious!

+And last, but not least... this photo:
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Till next time, thanks for reading my blog.
Love you all,


  1. Ah! This picture makes me want to squeal like a little girl!--I love it! :D

  2. haha, thanks Britt! I thought it was pretty cute too!