Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

+No makeup this week.
+Having fun learning.
+Kicking butt on my art projects for Creative Design for Theatre.
+Being more comfortable with presenting cause every assignment for Creative Design for Theatre includes presenting it to the class.
+Not being afraid of heights anymore. 
+Dinner with roommates.
+Homemade Pie.
+Skype, and using it to see/talk to people whom you miss. Technology these days is mind boggeling.
+Meeting new people at school because someone in one of your classes introduces you to their friends.
+This weather, again.
+Not having my Intro to Theatre class yesterday cause my teacher decided to give us a day off. Even though he took it off for selfish reasons, it is still a nice feature that college has.
+Glee is back! Yay!
+Monday our teacher was late. One of the students sat at the piano in class and played for about ten minutes. It was beautiful. If you play piano, you can definitely be my friend. Haha.
+Brittany, and her amazing blog.
+One more day till payday!
+Anticipating friendships.
+Nicole, I miss that girl. 
+We Heart It!  Ok, so one of my best friends told me about this site! It's absolutely wonderful! It's like flickr or photobucket. Although much cuter, and less junk pictures. All the pictures are pretty much high quality photography style photos.When you see a photo you like you "Heart" it. You can even add a link on your browser bar where you can click on it to add images that you love from other sites. It's the perfect site for my research for lighting photos too. Love.
+Clean sheets. They feel so good.

Alrighty, that's it for now. It was short and simple today. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. I will be heading to bed now, and working from eleven am to eleven pm later. Woot! >_<
I have a job, and they're giving me hours, which means I get to be thankful and happy!
Stay Positive!
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

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