Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hey guys, I have returned with the wonderful Things I Love Thursday.. at the very last moments of Thursday.

i love:
+Rainy weather, and being able to snuggle up in my bed and be lazy while I listen to the rain.
+No school stress
+Being able to wear normal clothes to class again, this including dress's.
+Orange Juice, It just makes me feel good after I drink it. And to think, I loathed this stuff as a kid.
+The management at my work, they're good people
+Being able to sit out at a pool and soak up that vitamin D
  +and running with a friend
+The movie Bad Teacher.. Hiilariious!
+Trying out new cooking techniques and looking up recipes. I cooked me some seared/broiled bbq chicken.. yuum.
+Reconnecting memories with old friends
+Discovering that cake pops is a really easy recipe, oh yes! I am going to try out those for fourth of July!
+Signing up for LDI. Which is basically a techie conference with Lighting, Audio, and Projection stuff. And I get in free to the Exhibit Hall, and it is in Orlando. Woot!
+Being able to rock high waist shorts and heals
+Working with fun people
+Eggs, there are so many ways to prepare them!
+Family. =]

 "always have enough cups to fill, this way when your old ones overflow you can continue to get filled."

Keep the beat up, lets drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to- Tonight Tonigh by Hot Chelle Rae

Thanks for reading my blog,
love you all,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Hello Blog,
I have missed you!
It has been quite some time since I have made the time to even visit back to my blog, let alone write.
Lots and lots of lovely things have been happening within the last few months...
Though before I get on with this, I suppose I should re explain this blog.
Things I Love Thursday, or TILT is all about writing about what I love. Mostly things I loved about my week and day. Though they are not limited to these time constraints, for example now.. I am going to go on about some things from the last few weeks.

To begin with, I made it through the Summer A semester I dreaded so much to go through. With A's, by the way. It was lots and lots of hours every week, but full of lots and lots of learning that I was thankful to be apart of. Including the show MidSummer Night's Dream at Valencia. I was on costume crew for the show and made a donkey head for the character Nick Bottom. It looked pretty awesome If I do say so myself. And the process of learning it was a whole new level of fun itself.

+The Midsummer production as a whole went extremely well, the look of the set, costumes, lighting and such came together very nicely
+Meeting new faces within this experience
+Being able to engage in learning about light board operating.
I learned scenic painting in Stage Craft and did a group enlargement project of a giraffe eating the moon, I think it's quite cute.

+Enjoying living in a nicer apartment
+Enjoying less driving and less use of gas because of my move
+Enjoying summer heat by the pool
+Cooking, despite my lack of skill
+Having a closet
+Still loving my phone five months later
+Making new friends
+Looking forward to my monthly massage this weekend
+Being able to wear normal clothes to class again, not ones covered in paint.
+Finding a new joy in the color red.
+Mood changing nail polish
+Glitter mood changing nail polish

+Trying some amazing food items prepared by cooks at my work during this morning's meeting
+The people I work with
+Spending time with friends from work
+Frozen yogurt = Love
+Window shopping/Trying on clothes we know we won't be buying
+Singing in the Apple Store
+Testing makeup at sephora
+"Testing" nail polish at Clair's, I got all my nails painted. haha
+Caving in a buying a dress from forever 21 that easily could have become my favorite dress in my closet
+Noticing the scripture reference John 3:16 on the bottom of the Forever 21 bags

A lovely image I found:

When a great song is made greater:

Basically life seems to be going smoothly lately and I am constantly finding more optimistic opportunities. I have many more things to be excited about this upcoming summer and I hope It's one I will remember for years to come. I have missed you guys, I once again.. Thank you for reading my blog.
Love You All,