Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

TILT is a weekly blog about the things in my week that I love, usually something that made me laugh or smile.

+So this week I was able to have fun with the Batter Blaster pancake mix I bought. Last friday I made myself a homemade brown sugar syrup sauce. Then I sliced apples and threw them into a pan. I then added the brown sugar sauce and let the syrup soak into the apples. Once those were nice and warm I set them aside to work on the pancakes. I then put some of the apples and sauce on top of the pancake batter, then put more batter on top. Once the pancakes were finished cooking I poured the extra apples and brown sugar sauce onto the pancakes. Oh my, they were some amazing pancakes!
+Then, yesterday I made blueberry pancakes. While those were in the pan, I took some blackberries, raspberries and brown sugar and put them in a container to heat up in the microwave. I then mashed the berries up and used it for the syrup on the blueberry pancakes! Nom, nom, nom!

+Homemade mac and cheese, using plain yogurt, not vanilla. Yes, I did make that one time mistake. Haha.

+This past weekend my internet stopped working. Apparently the router wasn't working, but our modem was fine. So I had to go out and purchase a new router. I was dreading this because I figured the set up was going to be a pain! Though to my surprise and excitement, it was probably the simplest, technology related, thing I have ever set up! Literally all I had to do was plug it in. Yay!
Then I got to play with it and set up a fun name.
+Also fun: The generic name given for the Internet was "LoudFlamingo," LOL. Who thinks of these?
I decided to rename it, "ClickThisOne!" I figured if a guest comes over and needs to use the internet that it would make things simpler. Haha. So what do you think? Do you like it, or did you like the Loud Flamingo one better?

+Watching Mystery Guitar Man, a semi famous youtuber, propose to his girlfriend in a pretty epic way! I hope my future husband puts at least a third of this much effort in the proposal for me!

+Uhm, The weather the last few days! No humidity! Thank you God!

+Using Aloe Vera as my hair gel. Getting the same results as if scrunching my hair with hair gel. Minus the crunchy/sticky feeling. Win.

+Working the AM shift at work last Sunday. I was able to attend Discovery church that night instead of watching the podcast of it mid-week. [Not that I don't LOVE that I can download the podcast for free if I miss a service!!] Though worship is not included in the podcast. Plus there's nothing like a live worship band. Yay!

+Last Sunday a fellow coworker explained football to me. It's a great feeling to gain knowledge, even if it is something as simple as football!

+Airport Crap - The Oatmeal. < I find this hilarious because these are the customers I have at work!
+This is how I feel about buying apps - The Oatmeal.  The cat gets one? This has got to be Scout in this comic!

+Receiving snail mail. A letter that is five pages [front and back] long! There's nothing better then getting a letter in the mail, especially one hand written! And especially one from a childhood friend whom you have not spoken to, communicated a real conversation with, or seen in years! [When I moved from Cali we decided to keep up writing to each other as a way to communicate. For the last few years I've been lacking on the sending mail back part. Finally I was able to find time to write here in Orlando. Yay! I love that we're writing again!]

+My roommates.
Although the internet was out for a few days, it gave us the opportunity to mingle more since only one of us was able to use the internet in the living room at a time. We ended up just studying together a few times. It's nice. =]

+My lighting class. I was able to actually "practice" hanging lights today. Climbing a fifteen foot [maybe twenty, I forget...] ladder and using my new wrench to correctly and safely secure the light. Haha. Which kind of made me laugh cause it really should not have been considered "practice" for me. Though it was nice to be back into it! I haven't dealt with lighting since I moved to Orlando.

Ok, I kind of feel like I rambled a tiny bit.
[Ok, maybe kind of a lot.] I still hope you enjoyed it!
I am extremely thankful for you reading my blog, assuming you made it this far through the rambles.
Have a wonderful Thursday! Remember to stay positive friends!
Love you all,

If you're up for it, start your own "Things I Love Thursday" on a blog. It's a great way to look on the bright side of your life. Even if you start your own personal blog or hand written journal for yourself. Reflecting on the positive things in life has a way of helping you stay positive.


  1. Love your blogs.... just a thought tho... look up network security info when you have a moment... best to keep wireless routers secure... don't want any neighbors or unscrupulous individuals hacking into your system... I will try to remember to send you some links tomorrow.
    Love ya & miss ya.

  2. I am so glad to see that things are going well. (: Also, it was amazing talking to you the other day--it made my week just a little bit better. Love you!


  3. Dad- there's a password. It'll be ok!
    Britt- I loved talking to you too!!! Super misssss you!