Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

It's Thursday, which means it is time for me to rant about the great things from this week. [Pretending my week runs from Friday-Thursday. haha]

+Finishing and turning in an amazing portfolio for my lighting class. I seriously love learning things in that class. I even felt pretty confident about the exam this past week. Yay!

+Receiving a 55 out of 60 for my 90day evaluation for work. I am officially officially hired!

+Great parking spots.

+Being able to watch the sunrise while working. Win.

+Getting through my overload of homework this week.

+Encouragement from other students.

+Being told I have pretty eyes. Randomly by a student in my theatre class.

+Cardio. Specifically on the elliptical.

+Someone turning in my phone to security at work because I left it in the locker room. Thank Heavens. 

+Feeling ok about not having my phone for a day. I don't feel lost without an electronic.

+The show Outsourced. Hilarious!

+And last, but not least... this photo:
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Till next time, thanks for reading my blog.
Love you all,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

+No makeup this week.
+Having fun learning.
+Kicking butt on my art projects for Creative Design for Theatre.
+Being more comfortable with presenting cause every assignment for Creative Design for Theatre includes presenting it to the class.
+Not being afraid of heights anymore. 
+Dinner with roommates.
+Homemade Pie.
+Skype, and using it to see/talk to people whom you miss. Technology these days is mind boggeling.
+Meeting new people at school because someone in one of your classes introduces you to their friends.
+This weather, again.
+Not having my Intro to Theatre class yesterday cause my teacher decided to give us a day off. Even though he took it off for selfish reasons, it is still a nice feature that college has.
+Glee is back! Yay!
+Monday our teacher was late. One of the students sat at the piano in class and played for about ten minutes. It was beautiful. If you play piano, you can definitely be my friend. Haha.
+Brittany, and her amazing blog.
+One more day till payday!
+Anticipating friendships.
+Nicole, I miss that girl. 
+We Heart It!  Ok, so one of my best friends told me about this site! It's absolutely wonderful! It's like flickr or photobucket. Although much cuter, and less junk pictures. All the pictures are pretty much high quality photography style photos.When you see a photo you like you "Heart" it. You can even add a link on your browser bar where you can click on it to add images that you love from other sites. It's the perfect site for my research for lighting photos too. Love.
+Clean sheets. They feel so good.

Alrighty, that's it for now. It was short and simple today. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. I will be heading to bed now, and working from eleven am to eleven pm later. Woot! >_<
I have a job, and they're giving me hours, which means I get to be thankful and happy!
Stay Positive!
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Monday, September 20, 2010

Unconcealed Face

[if you're a male, this post isn't for you.]

 wake up.
make up.
cover your face up.
conceal the true you
your choice
your new appearance
you're a walking canvas
don't forget it.

Pick up any modern magazine aimed at females.
The majority of it is articles based on appearance, and they sure don't want you to forget it!
Exercise and eating. Alright, you want to be healthy, great!
Clothes, please wear them.
Makeup...Not quite the necessity.
For me, I have never been much of a full out makeup wearer. I like mascara, and eye shadow, sometimes eyeliner. Though recently I've been wearing it more often, cover up, blush or bronzer, mascare, eyeliner, multiple eye shadows...  I feel like I've forgotten that I have a real face behind it all. So I'm going to be fasting make up for this week.
I challenge you girls.. Instead of finding the best lip gloss, or mascara. Find a good make up remover. Something that wipes away the residue from eye liner and mascara easily. Wear your face proudly. God made you beautiful as you are. God didn't put make up on Eve. I mean, she really didn't even have clothes.
Please only refer to that sense of style in the shower though! Haha. The makeup is nice every once in awhile, but don't use it to hide the true you. The world seems to think that makeup is a need, they want you to depend on it. Don't be dependent on something that conceals the true you.

See your beauty as the makeup runs off your face.

And as some musical inspiration for the week: Beautiful - Group 1 Crew

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

TILT is a weekly blog about the things in my week that I love, usually something that made me laugh or smile.

+So this week I was able to have fun with the Batter Blaster pancake mix I bought. Last friday I made myself a homemade brown sugar syrup sauce. Then I sliced apples and threw them into a pan. I then added the brown sugar sauce and let the syrup soak into the apples. Once those were nice and warm I set them aside to work on the pancakes. I then put some of the apples and sauce on top of the pancake batter, then put more batter on top. Once the pancakes were finished cooking I poured the extra apples and brown sugar sauce onto the pancakes. Oh my, they were some amazing pancakes!
+Then, yesterday I made blueberry pancakes. While those were in the pan, I took some blackberries, raspberries and brown sugar and put them in a container to heat up in the microwave. I then mashed the berries up and used it for the syrup on the blueberry pancakes! Nom, nom, nom!

+Homemade mac and cheese, using plain yogurt, not vanilla. Yes, I did make that one time mistake. Haha.

+This past weekend my internet stopped working. Apparently the router wasn't working, but our modem was fine. So I had to go out and purchase a new router. I was dreading this because I figured the set up was going to be a pain! Though to my surprise and excitement, it was probably the simplest, technology related, thing I have ever set up! Literally all I had to do was plug it in. Yay!
Then I got to play with it and set up a fun name.
+Also fun: The generic name given for the Internet was "LoudFlamingo," LOL. Who thinks of these?
I decided to rename it, "ClickThisOne!" I figured if a guest comes over and needs to use the internet that it would make things simpler. Haha. So what do you think? Do you like it, or did you like the Loud Flamingo one better?

+Watching Mystery Guitar Man, a semi famous youtuber, propose to his girlfriend in a pretty epic way! I hope my future husband puts at least a third of this much effort in the proposal for me!

+Uhm, The weather the last few days! No humidity! Thank you God!

+Using Aloe Vera as my hair gel. Getting the same results as if scrunching my hair with hair gel. Minus the crunchy/sticky feeling. Win.

+Working the AM shift at work last Sunday. I was able to attend Discovery church that night instead of watching the podcast of it mid-week. [Not that I don't LOVE that I can download the podcast for free if I miss a service!!] Though worship is not included in the podcast. Plus there's nothing like a live worship band. Yay!

+Last Sunday a fellow coworker explained football to me. It's a great feeling to gain knowledge, even if it is something as simple as football!

+Airport Crap - The Oatmeal. < I find this hilarious because these are the customers I have at work!
+This is how I feel about buying apps - The Oatmeal.  The cat gets one? This has got to be Scout in this comic!

+Receiving snail mail. A letter that is five pages [front and back] long! There's nothing better then getting a letter in the mail, especially one hand written! And especially one from a childhood friend whom you have not spoken to, communicated a real conversation with, or seen in years! [When I moved from Cali we decided to keep up writing to each other as a way to communicate. For the last few years I've been lacking on the sending mail back part. Finally I was able to find time to write here in Orlando. Yay! I love that we're writing again!]

+My roommates.
Although the internet was out for a few days, it gave us the opportunity to mingle more since only one of us was able to use the internet in the living room at a time. We ended up just studying together a few times. It's nice. =]

+My lighting class. I was able to actually "practice" hanging lights today. Climbing a fifteen foot [maybe twenty, I forget...] ladder and using my new wrench to correctly and safely secure the light. Haha. Which kind of made me laugh cause it really should not have been considered "practice" for me. Though it was nice to be back into it! I haven't dealt with lighting since I moved to Orlando.

Ok, I kind of feel like I rambled a tiny bit.
[Ok, maybe kind of a lot.] I still hope you enjoyed it!
I am extremely thankful for you reading my blog, assuming you made it this far through the rambles.
Have a wonderful Thursday! Remember to stay positive friends!
Love you all,

If you're up for it, start your own "Things I Love Thursday" on a blog. It's a great way to look on the bright side of your life. Even if you start your own personal blog or hand written journal for yourself. Reflecting on the positive things in life has a way of helping you stay positive.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

YouTube Tuesday

I am so excited to show you my weekly favorite youtube videos!!

First: Julian Smith - Waffles.

or Link.

Second: Rhett and Link - 2 Guys 600 Pillows (Backwards Music Video):

or Link.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Monday, September 13, 2010

I will

I will have a great day!
I will enjoy my classes!
I will smile throughout my day!
I will turn in my work on time!
I will make it to class on time!
I will arrive at work on time!
I will work hard in school!
I will work hard at work!
I will be friendly to everyone!
I will look on the bright side of things!
I will be responsible with spending!
I will...

stay positive.

Have you ever had one to those days that you felt like being negative. Have you been in those days and wished you could be positive? It happens to everyone. How you handle it is where it changes.
Where is your focus? Are you looking for things to go wrong, or looking for things you don't like?
Simply saying you will be positive is a first step. So next time someone says, "Have a great day!"
Respond with, "I will!" Self fulfilling prophecy goes a long way, and how you view the outcome of your day will affect your attitude.

Alrighty, have a blessed day!
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Thursday has arrived, yay!
For those of you who are unaware of what TILT [Things I Love Thursday] is... It's a list of things I love that have happened this week, or maybe it's something interesting I found that I want to share with you. Focusing on the good things in life a great way to stay positive.

+Hearing new songs on the radio from your favorite music artist.
+Granola. It goes to well with cereal, yogurt, and ice cream/frozen yogurt. Plus it makes a nice snack by itself.
+Having Labor Day off and getting to catch up on much needed sleep.
+Finally trying out Batter Blaster Pancakes! It's even USDA approved Organic!
+Adding Nesquik to cereal because I am a chocoholic. Yum! [Goes amazing with Honey Bunches of Oats!]
+This new acne wash I've been using from clean and clear. Deep-action Exfoliating-scrub. It literally feels like there is ice covering your skin while you wash your face. I feel like it is actually cleaning my skin. I love it.
+Mango Bars! [Made like lemon bars, but with Mango!] So delicious!
+Going to a work meeting. Though the "meeting" was more like a pep rally. I almost felt like I was back in high school. Then I remembered I rarley sat with my class during pep rallies cause I was with the band. Haha. [Does that make me kind of a nerd? I mean, I was actually there for Color Guard, not playing an instrument, except freshman year. I played Clarinet.]
+My fellow employees, including managers. They all pretty much rock. <3Hyatt.
+Reading the book for my lighting class and understanding the terms in it. Going to class and hearing that a lot of people did not read with the same ease. [It's not that I love them not understanding it. It's just that I love that I did!]
+Knowing my schedule is balanced. I have enough time for school, homework, and work. Keeping up to date on my youtube, hulu, and blog subscriptions, plus the Discovery Church Podcast's for the Status services I've missed cause of work. Not to mention keeping my home clean, and getting enough sleep/relax time. I love balance.
+My birthday is less than three months away!

Alrighty friends... Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you have a fantabulous fabtastic week! haha
Love you all,

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

YouTube Tuesday

If you know anything about me, you will know that I am fascinated with YouTube. I subscribe to about thirty-three channels, and I am always looking for more. I like appropriate, creative, hilarious, blog-style, music incorporated, or stop motion videos. YouTube Tuesday is my idea, and I will post at least one Tuesday in a month. Whether I post more all depends on if I find videos worthy of showing. I will post between one and three videos per blog, that was you're not overwhelmed with twenty videos. [Even though they could all be great.]

Today I will be showing two. These two are two different channels I just started to subscribed to.


or link


or link

Alrighty, well the first one I really enjoyed because omgfacts is a fan of mine on twitter already. So when I found out they have a YouTube channel with people making facts more interesting through a video I got pretty excited.
The second one I really love because she's so right! I know so many people who stopped liking things because they became popular. I can understand things getting played out, but to count them out of your favorites because you are now not the only one who knows about them is silly.
So what do you think? Do you agree?
Also, did you like these videos and this blog idea?

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Thursday, September 02, 2010


I want to put a fun extra little tidbit here, although I think this picture is enough said. So, when you're feeling down, remember to hold onto hope.

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

This week has been absolutely amazing! I am not even sure I have anything negative I could think of writing about. Which is absolutely fantastic, cause this is an optimistic blog!

+First off. Apple has done it again. They created a iPod touch that is smaller; they created a social network through iTunes; and my most favorite, the new touch iPod Nano! 2010 Nano. This makes me happy most of all because currently I have the video Nano. I love my video Nano cause of the small size, although I need one with more space since mine does not have enough room for my music. So this new Nano is fun cause it's touch screen, plus it's tiny! Yay! One day after getting caught up on bills I may purchase one. Maybe.

+School. All of it. I Love it.
+Creative Design for Theater. This class will mostly be art projects that will help us with our skills on designing a theater set. This class will help me expand my knowledge on stage set up, costumes, and some lighting.
+Introduction to Stage Lighting. I will have the opportunity to help design and set up lighting for the Musical Carousal, Valencia's Fall semester theater production. Yay!! I also get four complementary tickets for this play, and I have to attend it for a grade. Talk about awesome homework. Haha.
+Introduction to Theater. I definitely have one of my already favorite teachers at Valencia. I feel like I am going to be learning a lot in this class, and I will enjoy the learning. Bonus!

+Last weekend I made a trip to Arcadia. I was able to spend some time with my mother and father, which was lovely cause I missed them a ton. [] I got to hang out with Nicole and Taylor! Plus I got to see my best friend Brittany!! Among the other people, like my old work and locals I ran into, I really enjoyed my few days within Arcadia. Not to mention remembering what it feels like to sit at a 4-way traffic light and be the only one there. Ha.

+Meeting new people at school!

+LOL. This is wrong is so many ways, though I cannot stop laughing when I see it. English Only Driver License Exams. To further your laughter, watch this after: Cover of Tim James Ad.
More Laughter? Makes Sense to me? Oh boy, does this just get better! Safer Than Safe.

+Wearing new school clothes.
+My roommate had an extra mattress, she's letting me use it until I go out and buy the bed I had been planning to purchase for some time now. For now my back will be much appreciative of this bed. Yay.
+Haircut! No more dead ends! Not to mention being HAPPY about my haircut again!
+Having my alarm clock back.
+Knowing you're in the right place.
+Converse shoes=Comfy. I was also able to use the bottom of it for a stencil when painting. Which also looked kind of like a Chinese symbol. Haha

Alrighty, I have already drank my chamomile tea so I am going to go read a bit of Dr. Faustus, one of my play books for my Creative Design for Theater class. Then I will fall asleep and sleep in as much as I can tomorrow. I am so excited! I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday, and a wonderful weekend! It's Labor Day weekend, which means an extended weekend. Woot! It's almost here! Thanks again for reading my blog. Seriously, I know lately I've been quite boring with only TILT. Though if I wasn't posting these, there would be nothing. Haha.
Love you all,