Thursday, September 09, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Thursday has arrived, yay!
For those of you who are unaware of what TILT [Things I Love Thursday] is... It's a list of things I love that have happened this week, or maybe it's something interesting I found that I want to share with you. Focusing on the good things in life a great way to stay positive.

+Hearing new songs on the radio from your favorite music artist.
+Granola. It goes to well with cereal, yogurt, and ice cream/frozen yogurt. Plus it makes a nice snack by itself.
+Having Labor Day off and getting to catch up on much needed sleep.
+Finally trying out Batter Blaster Pancakes! It's even USDA approved Organic!
+Adding Nesquik to cereal because I am a chocoholic. Yum! [Goes amazing with Honey Bunches of Oats!]
+This new acne wash I've been using from clean and clear. Deep-action Exfoliating-scrub. It literally feels like there is ice covering your skin while you wash your face. I feel like it is actually cleaning my skin. I love it.
+Mango Bars! [Made like lemon bars, but with Mango!] So delicious!
+Going to a work meeting. Though the "meeting" was more like a pep rally. I almost felt like I was back in high school. Then I remembered I rarley sat with my class during pep rallies cause I was with the band. Haha. [Does that make me kind of a nerd? I mean, I was actually there for Color Guard, not playing an instrument, except freshman year. I played Clarinet.]
+My fellow employees, including managers. They all pretty much rock. <3Hyatt.
+Reading the book for my lighting class and understanding the terms in it. Going to class and hearing that a lot of people did not read with the same ease. [It's not that I love them not understanding it. It's just that I love that I did!]
+Knowing my schedule is balanced. I have enough time for school, homework, and work. Keeping up to date on my youtube, hulu, and blog subscriptions, plus the Discovery Church Podcast's for the Status services I've missed cause of work. Not to mention keeping my home clean, and getting enough sleep/relax time. I love balance.
+My birthday is less than three months away!

Alrighty friends... Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you have a fantabulous fabtastic week! haha
Love you all,

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