Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Hey guys, I hope you're all having a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Here are the few things I loved about me week:

Favorite Quote: 
All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. 
-Walt Disney

This guy's version of this song. 
Ok, really I mostly just love this guys voice. >_< 

+ This video: Back to the 90's

+ Fixing my car lights, and semi learning how to change them for next time. Thanks Carlos at Advanced Auto for helping me, Good Luck with your music career at Carnival Cruise line. =]

+ Seeing my family. I missed them. A lot.

+ Seeing Becky, and spending the evening out to dinner and a movie. Oh, and taking oh so fun pictures.

+ Seeing Brittany at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando. Gosh that hotel is beautiful. And boy have I missed her!

+ Lighting class, and getting to set up more lights.
+ Getting off the waitlist and into the "Makeup for the Stage" class. Yay!

+ Having less homework to stress me out this week.

+ Thanksgiving food!

+ Shopping at Goodwill and getting ahhmazing deals.

Thanks for reading my blog. Let me know what you guys loved about your week!

Love you all,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

The thing I love about my week:

+ Doing a rocking job on my Costume Design's for the R.U.R. play in my Creative Design for Theatre Class.
+ Starting on our Stage Lighting Project in Creative Design.
+ Starting on the Stage Lighting Project in Intro to Lighting. Choosing Bohemian Rhapsody for our song we're designing a light show for. Woot! And it being my idea. Go good ideas!
+ Not getting lost.
+ Having one of my teachers check about adding another Advanced Lighting Class to the school schedule, hopefully the administration goes for it!
+ Getting extra hours at work.
+ Knowing I have a few friends here who can make life a bit less stressful. [Even though I do super miss my other friends]
+ Parents support. =]
+ Bread Pudding. It's so delicious.
+ Skype. Seriously, awesome invention.
+ This website for helping you save money for school: Upromise.

And knowing that there will be better weeks ahead of me, because Life can be beautiful!

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Self Fulilling Prophecy

I will have a good night at work, despite my stress outside of work.
I will have energy and willingness to be there. 
I will have time to study for my test on Monday.
I will do amazing on my test on Monday.
I will finish all ten of my costumes designs by Monday morning class.
I will get enough sleep within this process.
I will smile.
I will rely on God.
I will, I will, I will..

Positive outlooks. Try it some time.

Love you all,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

What I loved about my week:

+Glee! So much fun to watch!
+Being able to hear the UCF band practice from my apartment room.
+Being the only one in my Creative Design class to finish the project due this past Wednesday.
+Getting to wear scarf's!
+Hanging out with my new friends at Valencia. =]
+Having great employees at work, I love the people I work with. Managers and employees.
+Learning about designing a stage light plot. This is the fun part of my lighting class.
+My best friends. =]
+Brittany's blog: Her Softly Spoken Heart

Alrighty, this one was short, but thanks for reading it!
Love you all,

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

YouTube Tuesday!

I almost forgot about this series I started. Haha.

Well here are some fun videos I would like to share with you:

These first two videos are also apart of the Tag Your Green campaign with Ecomagination.

This first one is from LiveLavaLive. =]

This second one is from Dave Days, and it's a music video:

This last one is the music video to one of favorite songs. Light up the sky by the Afters.
[Yes, I know it's a video from GodTube. This one wasn't on youtube yet.]

Enjoy, and Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Let God Handle This.


I went to register for classes this past Friday.
Turns out that three out of the four classes I need this semester are full.
So I am on a waiting list.
Though I just noticed an available spot for my makeup class. And I know there are three total on the waiting list for this class.
I am not sure if I am second or third. As long as the first person misses the 24 hour sign up, and if I'm third, then the second person misses it. Or maybe they both don't need it anymore..[that feels nicer to say.] Then I can secure that class. =]

Basically, I'm hoping for God to handle this stress. Cause It's a bit overwhelming. Ah.
Mostly though, I need to get into my Advanced Stage Lighting class. Cause it is only offered in the Spring. Which means if I don't take it now.. I can't take it until next year.
That thought scares me.

Good news: I looked at the class list for my CAD class, and I know a few people. Yay!

Another update..
I've got a concept design due tomorrow for Creative Design for Theatre.
Only thirty more pages left to read before I can start to conjure up some ideas.



Love you all,

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Come on let your colors burst

Katy Perry's song Firework:

When I first heard this song I never though much of it. Then I saw the video for it.
Katy Perry is one of those artists who seems so real, and even though her music isn't always... pg, she has created some catchy tunes and songs with a geat meaning behind them. Firework is definitely one of my new favorite songs now.
She talks in an interview about this quote in a book called On The Road by Jack Kerouac, 
"I want to be around people that are buzzing and fizzing and never say a commonplace thing and shoot across the sky and make everybody go ah'!"
What's so great about the song and video is that she addresses that it's important to be comfortable in your own skin, love you for you, and embrace all opportunities to be great. Surprise people with your personality, and let people see the "firework" within you.
Anyway, watch the video.. It's pretty lovely.

Let me know what you think?
Do you love her meaning behind it?

Let this song be an inspiration to Sparkle and Shine in every aspect of you life!
Have a great day!
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Things I Love Thursday

This is where I write about the things I love from this week:

+Kitchen Nightmares.
I am so amused by cooking shows, especially ones involving Gordon Ramsey.
I am not sure if it's his adorable accent, his cooking skill, or the fact that he's in most of the good cooking shows, but I love watching him. If you did not know, I love to watch shows involving cooking, or baking. All of it, amuses me. If I wasn't so afraid of getting burned while cooking I'd probably pursue it as a career.
+Finding a second Christian radio station. Which is especially nice since the other one is doing the fall fundraiser and therefor has more talking and less music.
+Wearing tights, I got a few pairs, black ones, grey ones, and navy blue ones. They're comfortable and I feel more appropriate when wearing them with shorts or a skirt. =]
+ Learning about lighting because of the paper I had to write about up and coming trends in my industry.
+ Doing an awesome job in my Stage Model for Creative Design for theatre.
+ Seeing my manager pray with a table last weekend.
+ My room spray, Pumpkin Spice. =]
+ LIPTON Purple A├žai and Blueberry Green Tea Superfruit

this video:

Oren Lavie - Her morning elegance from Yi on Vimeo.

Have a happy Thursday!
Thanks for reading my blog,

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Plans prevent stress

When I have something planned out, I stress less. I am not sure how you all work with planning, but I enjoy plans. This mostly goes for work or school scheduling. When I am with friends, I do not mind having things plan out randomly.
Anyway, back to plans.
I have been stressing about my school schedule because I missed the early resister dates. One of the courses I need next semester is already full. Ah! Writing that is stressing me out! Though I have a plan.
I moved to Orlando with purpose.
I moved here to better myself.
I moved here because I felt like God was leading me here.
I moved here to become independent.
I moved here to get a new beginning.
Though the reason I chose Orlando was because of school.
I want my career to be focused around Stage Lighting. I am currently in a Production design program at Valencia Community College. The funny thing about Valencia is although they have quite a few people in the Entertainment Design/Film/Theatre majors they have certain courses that are only offered Fall, only offered Spring, or only offered spring or fall, not summer. So what does this mean for me?
This means I must have a plan. I must know which courses I will take when before I ever get to resister for classes.
Thankfully, Valencia has this application within the Atlas email called an Education Plan. This lets me choose my major, and place each course for the major in the semester I plan to take it until I graduate.
I just altered my Education Plan because I had to make sure I was fitting in the Spring only, and fall only courses in the right semesters.
If all goes as planned... I will be registering for classes friday at noon. I will get on the wait list for Stagecraft for this spring, and since I know God has made it possible for me to succeed here, He will help me make it into the class. I will get into that class. I need to.
Granted, if I don't. I have a back-up plan. Though the back-up plan requires me to take more summer courses.
So once again, if all goes as planned...
I will have my Technical Certificate by the end of this upcoming summer. =] Yay!
Now what does this mean for me?
According to my lighting teacher, I can sign myself up for the union to get jobs in my industry already!
Saaweet!! Right! =]
We'll see how that goes
As continued, if all goes as planned.
I will finish my classes by the end of Spring 2012 for my AS desgree. I will then have my internship as the only requirement left for my degree. Woot!

I feel less stressed already.

On a lighter note...

The lighting teacher for the Advanced Lighting Class I plan to take next semester designs the lighting for Northland Church.
Uhm, connections....please?
Northland Church Lighting:

Here's a link to more of his work. If you care to look more into it. George Jackson's Portfolio.

Thanks for reading my blog guys!
Love you all,