Thursday, November 10, 2011


Things I Love Thursday

be free.

Also known as my weekly reminder to look at life with the glass half full:

Finally making a dentist appointment and getting my tooth ache solved and my teeth in better condition. I also have a great dentist with caring people working there, that is a major plus.

Having some of the best nights sleep because of the medicine for my teeth.

LDI!! Gah... Lighting boards, lighting truss, lighting accessories, lighting instruments of all kinds..movers, LED floors, walls, and new source four LED lights that dim! Crazy stuff! Not to mention fun stuff like fake snow made of foam, and a waterfall that spells stuff and makes designs. Getting free sunglasses, and winning a WYSIWYG t-shirt. Getting a demo on the Jands Vista lighting board. Confetti Cannons..yes please. This event was amazing, and I cannot wait to attend another one in two years.

My bestie veronica's birthday, dressing up as a Zombie princess and going to cowboys to celebrate.

Seeing my mom, I missed her. =]

Fall Weather, it never gets old!

Relying fully and completely on God to get me through my days and onto tomorrow.

The new radio station branched off from Z88.3... now 95.9.. a new hip-hop and R&B christian music channel. In loveeee!

The play is finished, which is one less stress. Now it's onto worrying about the Opera Theatre Workshop, which shall be fun because I will be designing the lights for the Rent musical numbers.

This new site one of my friends Tiffany introduced to me:
It's similar to except the photos you choose to "pin" can be links to DIY projects, how to beauty,  recipes, as well as good photography, painting, typography, and style photos. I am addddicted!

Do you have a Pinterest? Follow me:
Also.. to join you must be invited, so let me know if you'd like to join up on the pinning!

Trying new recipes.

Winning a two night stay at the Jacksonville Hyatt!

My 21st Birthday is less than a month away!

Signing up for next semester's classes. This is going to be an epic semester! =]]]

The new Kelly Clarkson CD.. including the song What Doesn't Kill You(Stronger)

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,