Thursday, April 05, 2012

kismet happens

be keen
don't run from your dreams
passion carries through
your dreams are more than a sport
take away the finish line
always petition to strive
goals without dates
never ending, just pursuing
it happens
the right story is the right now
embrace the chance
exist without fear
bypass doubt
start trusting Him.

Live in the now, embrace what you want to be, let God guide your persistence and prove to the world what won't defeat you.

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

To Do in 2012


Instead of just having one goal for the year, I'd like to gather a list of things I believe I can accomplish throughout the whole year.

*smile more

*go to at least ten concerts

*road trip

*meet someone famous

*watch a sunset on the beach

*dance in the rain

*take a baking course, wether that be at Valencia or at Michaels.

*save for a down payment on a new car

*paint more

*take too many pictures

*read minimal thirty books

*road more of the Bible

*finish getting my AS degree at Valencia

*be less afraid

*go to a meseum

*see a movie by myself

*go to Disney more

*see snow

*roast marshmellow's at a bonfire.

*let my hair grow even longer

*fix the air conditioner in my car before summer

*kiss someone underwater

*go sky diving

*go to an aquarium

*pet a penguin

*go to a zoo

*take a ride on a hot air balloon

*try foods I have never tried before

*avoid getting pulled over

*talk more, argue less

*snorkel with manatee's

*learn WYSIWYG

*park better

*go to bike rides more often

*go ice skating

*pay off my dental bills

*get paid to do lighting

*be happy

I'll update you blog as I accomplish things on this list. I suppose the last blog of the year will tell you if I was happy, Thanks for reading my blog.
Love you all,