Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome back fellow followers,

I know it has been awhile since I have posted, but I have been quite busy. I normally would be skipping this for homework right now, but it has been too great of a week to miss this one.

This week I really love:

Christ is Risen - Matt Maher

+Anthropologie released their new wedding line: BHLDN
+Being in the process of transitioning to Breakfast server at Hemisphere. It's been hard work, but the pay is better and the hours will end up being less.
+The fact that waking up at three am for work is super easy, yet I continue to struggle to wake up at six-thirty am for my government eight-thirty am class.
+The continuous pattern for street lights turning off as I drive by them, yet there was one that turned ON last week. It made me happy.
+ Going out with a close friend and her family to play Lazer Tag, despite the fact that I made a terrible score. haha
+Valentines Day:
+Getting chocolate.
+Bringing in a bucket of chocolate for my employees on Valentines Day and seeing them smile in joy.
+Having the afternoon/evening off from work and school on Valentines Day.
+Going out and having a girls night with my roommate and her friends to TGIF, and getting steak. Then going to see "Just Go With It," might I say... Hilarious! Afterwards heading to iKiwi. The. Best. Frozen. Yogurt. Yummm!
+Having three of my classes canceled this past week, which has given me extra time life.
+Going out with coworkers to Urban Flats, and a Piano Bar. The Piano bar was definitely the highlight of my week. I drank a orange juice and cranberry juice mix. haha. And listening to two cute men play the piano and sing popular songs was a BLAST.
+My mom bought me a Valentines gift. I miss her.
+The beautiful weather.