Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Ello friends,
Well lets get right to it..

Rhett and Link on just did a small series to get their viewers to help them create an original shoe. I was weary about how it would turn out considering a lot of the things people were suggesting seemed unrealistic. For example, in there first video they were wearing bacon flip-flops. [Ugh. Bacon is good, but not after being on your feet!] Anyway, I'm actually impressed with the shoe they came up with. It even has a pocket for a guitar pic.[not that I play, but I know tons of people who do!] So here is the video to tell you more about the shoe: Mythical Shoe.

I saw two movies this past week. Despicable Me, which was a very cute and very funny movie. I loved each character's personality and the humor they brought with it. I also saw it in 3D, which was kinda nice, cept that I was getting sick of wearing the glasses and if you took them off the movie was blurry.
I also saw Inception. Might I say, that was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It really had you thinking through the entire movie, not to mention having you wish you could create such a world through a dream. I was very happy with Ellen Page's acting too! So many people know her as "Juno," it seems hard to separate her character, but she did a really good job in this movie.

I got this "Infinity" by Conair. It's a straightener/curling iron. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of curling your hair with a straightener, but one of my best friends showed me how to. It's amazing, I love doing my hair like that. Although my straightener isn't the best for it, it needs to be one that heats up a lot on the outside. So I saw this product at Walmart and decided to try it. It worked quite well, and I wore my hair curly yesterday. It's a bit tricky to get used to, but it's a nice little invention from Conair.

Alright, well this blog is going to be short, I've got to finish getting ready for work. Till next time, and thanks for reading my blog.
Love you all,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome back to my blog.
Despite how similar my last post was with "Things I Love Thursday" I still want to write this Thursday's blog.

Frozen Blueberries! I love adding them to my cereal! Not just for the yummy taste, but it keeps the milk nice and cold, which is nice when I get to the end with the last bit of milk. They also go great in ice cream, and are a great ingredient for smoothies!

Speaking of smoothies! Since I have bought frozen fruits [mango, strawberries, and blueberries] and yogurt, I have been able to make some oh so delicious real fruit smoothies! Yum!

Someone I work with brought in this book, called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. It's almost like a journal, but for artsy creative stuff. If you look through the pictures, you will see exactly what I mean.

Are you looking for something fun to do? Where Traveler can help you out!

Wednesday at work, one of my employee's let me try this candy that I have never had before. They're called "Razzles". When you eat them, they're first the similar texture of a bottle cap candy. Then if you chew the candy, it turns into gum! I cannot believe I had not ever heard of this candy before now! It wasn't the best tasting candy[not that they're bad...just not the BEST!], but it was amusing. It messed with my whole logic of candy texture! haha

Light Up The Sky - The Afters

Quest Crew.

My parents are sending me a care package. This makes me smile.

Meeting people at work who lived near or know well of the town I grew up in.

Exercise, and feeling healthy because of it.

God's abundance of blessings and Him always working out things for me because He loves me.

STATUS Finding out that Discovery Church has a college age group on Sunday evenings. So Happy!

Subway's new Turkey Bacon and  Avocado Sandwich.  =O [I know! It's exciting!]
So Yummmy!

Chic-Fil-A's Peach Milkshake. It's creamy and fruity! Plus you feel like it's healthier than a chocolate milkshake, even though I doubt it is! haha

I have this upcoming Sunday off of work. I am excited, because Sunday is the only day I'm completely ok with having off, since I can attend church. =]

This song: Walking on the Stars - Group 1 Crew.


I'm off to bed now, and hopefully will be sleeping in for a long time. [So excited for sleep!]
For those of you who have a normal sleep schedule... Have a wonderful Thursday! And weekend!
Thanks for reading my blog!
Love you all,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

25 Things [from facebook]

Alright, I was tagged on facebook for this:
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

Though I don't care for facebook notes.. So I'm writing it here, and maybe I'll paste it in a note on facebook. Maybe. xP

One. I much prefer written out numbers.

Two. The light switch for my room is outside of my room, in my living room to be exact. If I am extremely exhausted I will twist the bulb to turn the light off rather than get up, open my door, and walk out to turn my light off.

Three. I do believe that you can never have too many undershirts. Which is why I bough nine today.

Four. I like to match, even when I'm in pajamas and no one will see me.

Five. There's still a few boxes packed from when I moved in. My books are still packed cause I do not have a book shelf, and I probably don't even have room for one. I also have not hung any of my wall hangings or pictures, so they are stuck in a box for now.

Six. If you know me, it's no secret what my favorite animal is. Though I have a second favorite[which I love almost as much] that few, if any know about.

Seven. I feel like this is a lot like my "Things I Love Thursday" blog. TILT.

Eight. I still use the same email I first started with, [even though it's kinda lame.] and the same aim sn I first made.

Nine. Mango's and chocolate go together. Try it.

Ten. I am not much of a shower singer, but I am definitely a car singer.

Eleven. My mom owns an online educational nature and science related toy store. JALTS

Twelve. In August I start school at Valencia Community College. This is my teacher for Into to Stage Lighting. Sonia Pasqual. You. Have. No. Idea. How. Excited. I. Am. For. Her. Class!

Thirteen. Port Blue = LOVE.

Fourteen. I want a Ford Fiesta! Commercial!

Fifteen. is a much better way to IM.

Sixteen. This is taking too long.

Seventeen. Brownies in ice cream is genius. Just saying.

Eighteen. I don't care much for my middle name. Don't know it, I guarantee you can guess it within three tries. It's quite common.

Nineteen. I am currently nineteen!

Twenty. I write a blog. [-_-]
[I'm writing this because I'm going to paste this on facebook.]

Twenty-One. Why twenty-five?

Twenty-Two. I enjoy shopping. A lot.

Twenty-Three. Thunderstorms rock.

Twenty-Four. I am usually over prepared.

Twenty-Five. I like trying new recipes!

Ahhh! Yay! Done! Alright.. I am tagging...... no one! Since this is my blog, not facebook. xP


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

This week has been pretty amazing for me. I have been enjoying many things in life and I just hope I have the time to post everything today. I overslept so I'm a bit pressed with time.
First off. This hilarious video clip: It's always sunny.
Second. I love finding new blogs to read. One new one is also a newly created blog from a really good friend of mine. Tony.
Third. This past week I went and saw the movie Grown Ups. Might I say.. It was Hilarious! Loved it.

I love living in an apartment for many reasons, yet this week I love it because maintenance problems are free to get fixed. Last weekend my toilet started leaking in the back, and it would get water all over the floor. I started putting a Tupperware container behind the toilet where the leak was so the water would just go in there and not on the floor. It worked for awhile, until I'd forget to empty it and it would end up on the floor anyway. So Monday night I decided I'd take a look at it. [Note: I know absolutely nothing about plumbing.]  I figured it could just be something loose that I could tighten. So I'm messing with it, and then... It breaks. And there's water squirting everywhere! Including myself. [Note: I just previously took a shower before checking this out.] I was so upset, I didn't know what to do, and then I accidentally pinched the cord. [Duh Katrina!] And so I kept it bent, and then took the hair tie out of my hair and wrapped that around it so it wouldn't squirt anymore water. Yay. The next morning I went up to the leasing office and told them about it. [Which I also found out I could have called the emergency number to let them know exactly when it happened, ha. Now I know for next time. Even though I really hope there won't be a next time.] They were able to fix it while I was at work, and it didn't cost me a penny! It was wonderful!

Speaking of wonderful! At my job, part of the responsibilities when seating a guest is getting their last name to personalize their experience. This one couple had the last name of "Wonderful." Yes, I did love this; and yes, I did overuse their name; and yes, they loved it too. "Right this way Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful; Alright Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful, your servers name is ...; Have a wonderful meal Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful; Have a wonderful evening Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful!" Haha, so maybe I am a bit easily amused. Though they got a laugh out of it, which made my day!

Yesterday the first greeting I got on my way to work was, "Hey, you have a beautiful smile." No I do not need people to tell me nice things to feel good about myself. I am confident and I am fine with who I am, inside and out. Though it's still a pleasant way to start a day! =]

Ok, I love having a cleep mouth. And after watching this, I love it more. Mouth wash please!

One of the youtubers I follow on youtube is a company called Improv Everywhere. They are wonderful. Their newest video is fantastic! So if you like star wars even a little bit, you will enjoy this: Improv Everywhere! 
If you would like to learn more about them, here is their official site.

Ok, sometimes really stupid things aren't that funny. Though I have to show you guys this video because this guy's happiness is wonderful! I hope I am this happy [not on drugs!] if I was to see this site too! Double Rainbow! The techno remix's are pretty great too. I'd find one for you, but I am short on time.

I'm sure plenty of you have heard about the psychic octopus. Well, I was shown this link from another blog, and I think it's worth talking about again! Octopus.

Alright, this was also taken from another blogger. Though it's a good link. Are you sometimes a negative person? Are you a pessimistic? Well then, go Read This!

Alright, I can't believe I finished this, with barley enough time! Haha. I hope you guys enjoyed it! So have a wonderful Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday!! Woot! Which means it's basically the weekend!
Thanks for reading my blog!I appreciate it more than words! =]
Love you all,

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Ello my fellow blog readers,
I hope your week has been absolutely fantastic! This past weekend was Fourth of July, and I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I wasn't able to make it home for the weekend, though I was able to work a ton. Being able to work was nice, despite the very slow business.

My favorite part about working during this holiday would have to be the type of customers I was able to encounter. Since my work is connected to an Airport, most of our business is travelers from the airport. Most American's had already arrived at their destination for this holiday, so the majority of people passing through work were foreigners. Just about everyone was either from Europe, Australia, or Asia. My favorite was diffinitely the people from Australia! I have a fascination with their accent, I just think it's the most beautiful thing. Next on the list of course is people from Europe. There was one family who came through with a few kids, and talking to a 3 year old kid from London is so much fun. Their accent is double cute because it was a kid. I loved it.

Speaking of Europeans. [haha] I love tea! I may have even brought up tea before in a previous blog, though I am going to talk about it again if I have. Chamomile tea to be specific. This is is especially nice for me to drink prior to going to sleep. It helps me relax after a long day of work, or cleaning in today's case. So if you're ever having trouble relaxing before bed or maybe in general you want to relax one afternoon is you've got no plans to be rowdy or hyper. Have a glass of chamomile tea! I prefer it hot since hot tea is better for you, especially if you aren't feeling well. Though you may enjoy it whichever way desired.

When I lived in Arcadia, there was this road I loved to drive down because of a small bump in the road. Now, I'm not talking about a inconvenient bump like a speed bump. I'm talking about those mini hills that when you drive over you can almost get a little air. It's not good to go too fast over them, but if you find the right speed it makes it kind of fun, like a roller coaster. Well, I have greatly missed driving on that road. Although!!!! I have found a new fun spot to drive over! When I drive home from work, there are lots of sideways bumps that are just interesting to drive over, but at the end of those there is a normal one. The kind I love. It's perfect. I now miss the one in Arcadia less. Haha.

I love cleaning, especially when you're finished cleaning. This morning I was woken up by tons of phone calls from my roommate. So since I was already awake and unable to go back to sleep, I decided to start my cleaning. Today is my day off of work so I can relax and take my time making sure everything is cleaned up. My house wasn't a huge mess, but things definitely needed to be dusted and reorganized a bit. I am almost finished cleaning, I just have to finish laundry and then sweep and mop the linoleum. I do in fact though have to make a trip to walmart to buy a broom and a mop. For some reason my roommates don't have either, which I find strange. Though at least I have a vacuum. And for that, I am thankful! I cannot wait to be finished with cleaning. It will be a gratifying feeling having a completely clean house. Yay!

I love I have mentioned this many times. So I am going to give you links to two of my favorites of one of my favorite people on youtube. His name is Joe, but he goes by Mystery Guitar Man. He is talented musically, and makes some pretty fun videos. This first one is called Magic Glasses, and the second one is called Pop! They're Gone! I hope you enjoy them!

My also have been hearing a song on the radio that I have began to really really enjoy listening to. It's called Some Kind of Love. Here's the link to listen to it on youtube: Some Kind of Love - Phil Stacey. Listen to it sometime. It's about God's love, and hearing it puts me into a great mood. As well as singing it, in my car or my apartment where no one but God can hear me. haha.

Pjs. And spending the day in them. Need I say more?

Another song! Francesca Battistelli sings a song called Beautiful Beautiful. This song is another one of those feel good songs to listen to. There's even a music video on youtube. Beautiful Beautiful.

Piano. At work there are two Piano's in the lobby right in the area I spend the majority of my time at work. There's  huge white grand piano. So beautiful! There's also a black one, though I think this one is a smaller grand piano. Not definite because I am not a piano expert. One of my favorite things about work is that customers or guests at the hotel will often play these pianos. Most of the time these piano players have been very talented, and it's so peaceful for me to hear someone play the piano. One of my Best Friend's, [Brittany] plays piano, and hearing it reminds me of her.

The Flameless Luminary air freshener from Febreze. It is wonderful! Cranberry-Pear. It smells amazing, and looks so adorable! the light blinks as if it has an actual flame in it, and the square paper with the cute designs on it is what makes it smell so nice. Definitely my new favorite type of air freshener. Try it out sometime. =]

Alright! Well I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, stay optimistic and positive about things in life. You'll be happier when you focus on the happy things in life. I promise.
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Your Culture.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Tonight I got off work at five pm. I was excited, even though I pretty much love my job. I was mostly excited because I was able to make the Saturday night service at Discovery. The worship rocked, as usual. But not only did the worship rock, but the preaching was wonderful too!
The youth pastor spoke tonight and he was talking about being an influence on your culture. One analogy he gave us was really vivid and easy to understand.
His point was about how many Christians just go to church, and then go home and don't live out what they've learned or heard.
He said for example..
Imagine going to a football game, for those of you who LOVE football you may paint your face, or have the fun foam finger and be all excited for it! And the team is excited too! They have warm ups with chants, and then they get in the huddle, talk about the play they're going to make. They're all pumped and they even hit each other as a way to show they are excited.. or something.. haha.
Though, once they release from the huddle, they go sit on the bench.

......uhm..? what?

Now as a fan, wouldn't you be a little disappointed?

Well, they get back in the huddle to talk about the play and are getting all excited again! "Hey man, this one's really gonna get them! Yeahh!"
They're encouraging each other..
They break..

and once again, they go sit on the bench..

......uhm...? really??

Do you want to continue watching this team? A team who gets rowdy and excited about what they plan to do. Though they never follow through and even try to play the game...
Chances are, you're not sticking around for this game...

Now look at this in comparison to Christians.
You go to church, hear a great sermon that gets you all kinds of pumped up!
"The service was great today!" "That message really spoke to me!"
But they go home, and go on with life. As if they never heard the message!! 

I am not condeming you, trust me on this. It's a habit many, including myself have been guilty of.
They say people will know you by your testimony. So if someone was to go to your work, or your school and talk to the people you encounter daily. And mention, hey, did you know so and so is a Christian?
What would their response be?
"HAHAHA...funny joke!!"
"Is that why they're so happy all the time?"
"Yeah, I know! They won't shut up about it!"
"I think you have the wrong person here..."

Those are just examples.. So when you're going about your day.. are you hiding the fact that you know a God who can change the lives of your culture? Or have people noticed something different about you? Maybe the way you carry yourself, the way you treat people, the way you act. From another message I heard a long time ago. This lady mentioned how sad people in this world are, if you've people watched, you'll agree with this. Though if you know Jesus, you should be able to smile and rejoice, even in the midst of trails. So if you know about God, the happy God who absolutely adores you and everyone else on the earth. Tell your face about it! Let His joy show in your life! Even in the worst of days, you can smile because you know your God is holding you through it. So next time you get excited about the service you attend, or the right words from God you hear. Do the best you possibly can to let that live through you!
Now I know we're not all perfect, and we're not always going to get this step right! Though the more you try, the easier it becomes to let God live through you. People will know you by your testimony. So when you face hard times, and you make it through easier then most expected, they'll notice. 
So think about it, what can you do to influence your culture? Will you get out there and play, or will you sit on the bench?

Thank You for reading my blog,
God Bless!
Love you all,

Friday, July 02, 2010

Forget sleep, lets write!

Another blog?
But it hasn't even been 24 hours since your last one?
Yeah, I know! Usually they're days or a week apart.

Haha.. alright. Last night I got a lot of rest. Needless to say. I am not very tired.
So I was talking to God, and thanking Him. I have come a long way from where I was a year ago.
And there are people that were removed from my life, for good reason. although those reasons may not have made sense in the past. They sure do now. And it wasn't just people, but situations, environments, and mentalities. Not to say there weren't any good people, situations, environments, and mentalities.. Because there absolutely was! Plenty in which I miss greatly. Anyway, the dreams I've been having lately aren't as terrible as they used to be. They're becoming as pleasant as my new living situation is. They're about living here, and people here. Not only that, but the people I love and miss greatly from before get mixed in too. It's been the best. So I was about to write a status about my happy thoughts on twitter. Then I took the words and started writing. A poem came to be, yay! So here it is.

it's nice to be away from you
to be so far away
to exist in my own reality
no longer bound with shame
I'm free from the trap
the bait no longer tempts me

as often as the chances have always been there
the choices just began to embrace the opportunities
a home I can call my own
a place I can be alone
yet never lonely for my God engulfs me
and places people in the path I'm walking

His promises ring truth
my purpose with Him is fulfilling
the past is really gone
and the present is worth living
now I can live free, so please
consume me dreams..
dreams of my new reality

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, even though the meaning is personal to me. I will often put my poetry within my blog, so keep on the lookout. =]
Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate is a ton!
Love you all,

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome back! I hope everyone's week went wonderful! Cause mine did!

One. Thunder Storms. One is currently happening, and it's the most peaceful sound to me.

Two. Sleep. Last night I slept for thirteen hours! Plus I've been resting and taking naps today. It's my day off and my choice of possible things I can do is sleep.

Three. Having a peace about living out what God has for you. When you walk through the doors he opens and notice every detail of why He had opened that door.

Four. Hyatt. Yes, this is where I currently work; I will not be surprised if I talk about this place a lot now. Yesterday I  had Orientation, and today I was reading through my leather bound binder I received during Orientation. I found two pages full of where I would now receive discounts, and just learning more about the place I work. By the way, there are over thirty different things I receive discounts for. Hyatt is definitely a recommended place to work. 

Five. Getting mail. Specifically I got a card in the mail welcoming me to the Hyatt. The card was even personally signed by the people working in Human Resources. How sweet.

Six. Finding out that people I know blog.

Seven. Using purple as my font color, because purple is one of my favorite colors.

Eight. Seeing and talking to a few famous people.

Nine. I get my first pay check tomorrow.

Ten. Having friends visit me in my new apartment.

Eleven. Seeing Eclipse at the 12:16am showing.

Twelve. Finding a cute shirt on a great sale, and loving the way wearing it makes me feel good.

Thirteen. I get off work at five on Saturday. Which means I will be able to attend church at six pm. Yay!

Fourteen. Busting the "good things happen to bad people" myth.

Fifteen. Receiving a free light bulb at Orientation the day after my living room light went out. Haha.

Sixteen. Cracker Barrel's Momma's French Toast with Blackberry Preserves, two over-easy eggs, and turkey sausage. Not only was this meal absolutely amazing from the food, but I was also able to spend time with two longtime wonderful friends whom I haven't seen in awhile.

Thanks for reading my blog, sorry that most of it had to do with work. Though I love my job, what can I say. Till next time. Have a fantabulous Fourth of July weekend. God Bless. 
Love you all,