Thursday, July 01, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome back! I hope everyone's week went wonderful! Cause mine did!

One. Thunder Storms. One is currently happening, and it's the most peaceful sound to me.

Two. Sleep. Last night I slept for thirteen hours! Plus I've been resting and taking naps today. It's my day off and my choice of possible things I can do is sleep.

Three. Having a peace about living out what God has for you. When you walk through the doors he opens and notice every detail of why He had opened that door.

Four. Hyatt. Yes, this is where I currently work; I will not be surprised if I talk about this place a lot now. Yesterday I  had Orientation, and today I was reading through my leather bound binder I received during Orientation. I found two pages full of where I would now receive discounts, and just learning more about the place I work. By the way, there are over thirty different things I receive discounts for. Hyatt is definitely a recommended place to work. 

Five. Getting mail. Specifically I got a card in the mail welcoming me to the Hyatt. The card was even personally signed by the people working in Human Resources. How sweet.

Six. Finding out that people I know blog.

Seven. Using purple as my font color, because purple is one of my favorite colors.

Eight. Seeing and talking to a few famous people.

Nine. I get my first pay check tomorrow.

Ten. Having friends visit me in my new apartment.

Eleven. Seeing Eclipse at the 12:16am showing.

Twelve. Finding a cute shirt on a great sale, and loving the way wearing it makes me feel good.

Thirteen. I get off work at five on Saturday. Which means I will be able to attend church at six pm. Yay!

Fourteen. Busting the "good things happen to bad people" myth.

Fifteen. Receiving a free light bulb at Orientation the day after my living room light went out. Haha.

Sixteen. Cracker Barrel's Momma's French Toast with Blackberry Preserves, two over-easy eggs, and turkey sausage. Not only was this meal absolutely amazing from the food, but I was also able to spend time with two longtime wonderful friends whom I haven't seen in awhile.

Thanks for reading my blog, sorry that most of it had to do with work. Though I love my job, what can I say. Till next time. Have a fantabulous Fourth of July weekend. God Bless. 
Love you all,

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