Saturday, July 03, 2010

Your Culture.

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Tonight I got off work at five pm. I was excited, even though I pretty much love my job. I was mostly excited because I was able to make the Saturday night service at Discovery. The worship rocked, as usual. But not only did the worship rock, but the preaching was wonderful too!
The youth pastor spoke tonight and he was talking about being an influence on your culture. One analogy he gave us was really vivid and easy to understand.
His point was about how many Christians just go to church, and then go home and don't live out what they've learned or heard.
He said for example..
Imagine going to a football game, for those of you who LOVE football you may paint your face, or have the fun foam finger and be all excited for it! And the team is excited too! They have warm ups with chants, and then they get in the huddle, talk about the play they're going to make. They're all pumped and they even hit each other as a way to show they are excited.. or something.. haha.
Though, once they release from the huddle, they go sit on the bench.

......uhm..? what?

Now as a fan, wouldn't you be a little disappointed?

Well, they get back in the huddle to talk about the play and are getting all excited again! "Hey man, this one's really gonna get them! Yeahh!"
They're encouraging each other..
They break..

and once again, they go sit on the bench..

......uhm...? really??

Do you want to continue watching this team? A team who gets rowdy and excited about what they plan to do. Though they never follow through and even try to play the game...
Chances are, you're not sticking around for this game...

Now look at this in comparison to Christians.
You go to church, hear a great sermon that gets you all kinds of pumped up!
"The service was great today!" "That message really spoke to me!"
But they go home, and go on with life. As if they never heard the message!! 

I am not condeming you, trust me on this. It's a habit many, including myself have been guilty of.
They say people will know you by your testimony. So if someone was to go to your work, or your school and talk to the people you encounter daily. And mention, hey, did you know so and so is a Christian?
What would their response be?
"HAHAHA...funny joke!!"
"Is that why they're so happy all the time?"
"Yeah, I know! They won't shut up about it!"
"I think you have the wrong person here..."

Those are just examples.. So when you're going about your day.. are you hiding the fact that you know a God who can change the lives of your culture? Or have people noticed something different about you? Maybe the way you carry yourself, the way you treat people, the way you act. From another message I heard a long time ago. This lady mentioned how sad people in this world are, if you've people watched, you'll agree with this. Though if you know Jesus, you should be able to smile and rejoice, even in the midst of trails. So if you know about God, the happy God who absolutely adores you and everyone else on the earth. Tell your face about it! Let His joy show in your life! Even in the worst of days, you can smile because you know your God is holding you through it. So next time you get excited about the service you attend, or the right words from God you hear. Do the best you possibly can to let that live through you!
Now I know we're not all perfect, and we're not always going to get this step right! Though the more you try, the easier it becomes to let God live through you. People will know you by your testimony. So when you face hard times, and you make it through easier then most expected, they'll notice. 
So think about it, what can you do to influence your culture? Will you get out there and play, or will you sit on the bench?

Thank You for reading my blog,
God Bless!
Love you all,

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