Friday, June 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Alright, it is now 11:49pm and I am not sure if I will finish this before tomorrow. Though I am going to pretend this is going by Pacific Time, so now I have three more hours. =]

One:  Go to Google, type in "lol limewire". Then, click I'm feeling lucky... [Do not worry, it is appropriate, and hilarious!]

Two: Using "Post.Script." instead of "p.s." It makes me feel smart, since so many people do not know what p.s. means. Also I enjoy having things typed out instead of abbreviated, kind of a little OCD habit of mine. ha

Three: [[[Brackets!]]]  I prefer [] over (). Brackets are just more fun, new, and squarish. Plus smiley's are cuter with them. =]

Four: My New Job! I am a Hostess at McCoy's Bar and Grill at the Hyatt Hotel. And I enjoy so much about my job. All of my employees are super fun and easy to get along with, as well as the whole staff at the Hyatt. I enjoy the restaurant atmosphere because people are usually in a good mood when arriving at a nice restaurant because they're happy to be able to enjoy good food. And as I mentioned in last week's blog, I love people. I am also loving my job because it showed up at the perfect time. I knew God had the right job for me, and it is amazing to see what I have been patient for really start to unfold within my life. I have officially had three days of work so far and I am feeling more and more comfortable being placed in this job. Yay!

Five: Exercising. I went walking on a treadmill last night, and it really felt refreshing and energizing to get back to being active. 

Six: No Bake cookies. I'm not sure how many of you have tried some no bake cookies. Though I had all of the ingredients available for them, so I decided to try out a random recipe online. I love to cook, especially bake, though when you're a bit low on money, there is only so much you can do about the extravagance of your diet. My cookies were made with oatmeal, Nesquik, and peanut butter as the main ingredients. They turned out to be really delicious and my recipe made a ton of them so they have been lasting me all week. Which is an extra plus!

Seven: Painting. Last Sunday night I was watching Discovery Church STATUS online. The service was very art oriented, there was some painters, the worship was most of the night, and then there were five poems that taught a message about God and His character. While this was going on I had a deep desire to paint something again. So as the worship playing and I listened to the poems, God gave me something to paint too. This of course also created the opportunity for me to write another blog, King.

Eight: Shortcuts. While working at the Hyatt I have the opportunity to talk with many people. One person in particular was extremely helpful with driving directions, thankfully. He told me a faster way for me to arrive at work, while still avoiding tolls. It's Beautiful.

Nine: Meeting new people, and knowing you're going to be friends with them for a long time. =]]]

Ten: Being able to write a blog about ALL positive things. Negativity just brings people down, and I believe it is smart to focus on the wonderful things in life. =]

Alright everybody, I have been busy with my work schedule so I apologize for not posting this on the actual Thursday day, but I'm sure you will be okay. Haha. Till next Thursday, Have a Fantabulous week!

Thank You for reading my blog,
I am extremely appreciative!
Love you all,


  1. Ah, the Google thing was cracking me up! Also, I love how you said "Also I enjoy having things typed out instead of abbreviated, kind of a little OCD habit of mine." when "OCD" is abbreviated. lol. :D

  2. hahahaha, good point!! Though you hear people say OCD, whereas people don't say Post Script, Mon. Tues, Fri, Happy "B-day" etc.. haha [ok, etcetera...] Ok your point is proven. haha. =P