Thursday, July 08, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Ello my fellow blog readers,
I hope your week has been absolutely fantastic! This past weekend was Fourth of July, and I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I wasn't able to make it home for the weekend, though I was able to work a ton. Being able to work was nice, despite the very slow business.

My favorite part about working during this holiday would have to be the type of customers I was able to encounter. Since my work is connected to an Airport, most of our business is travelers from the airport. Most American's had already arrived at their destination for this holiday, so the majority of people passing through work were foreigners. Just about everyone was either from Europe, Australia, or Asia. My favorite was diffinitely the people from Australia! I have a fascination with their accent, I just think it's the most beautiful thing. Next on the list of course is people from Europe. There was one family who came through with a few kids, and talking to a 3 year old kid from London is so much fun. Their accent is double cute because it was a kid. I loved it.

Speaking of Europeans. [haha] I love tea! I may have even brought up tea before in a previous blog, though I am going to talk about it again if I have. Chamomile tea to be specific. This is is especially nice for me to drink prior to going to sleep. It helps me relax after a long day of work, or cleaning in today's case. So if you're ever having trouble relaxing before bed or maybe in general you want to relax one afternoon is you've got no plans to be rowdy or hyper. Have a glass of chamomile tea! I prefer it hot since hot tea is better for you, especially if you aren't feeling well. Though you may enjoy it whichever way desired.

When I lived in Arcadia, there was this road I loved to drive down because of a small bump in the road. Now, I'm not talking about a inconvenient bump like a speed bump. I'm talking about those mini hills that when you drive over you can almost get a little air. It's not good to go too fast over them, but if you find the right speed it makes it kind of fun, like a roller coaster. Well, I have greatly missed driving on that road. Although!!!! I have found a new fun spot to drive over! When I drive home from work, there are lots of sideways bumps that are just interesting to drive over, but at the end of those there is a normal one. The kind I love. It's perfect. I now miss the one in Arcadia less. Haha.

I love cleaning, especially when you're finished cleaning. This morning I was woken up by tons of phone calls from my roommate. So since I was already awake and unable to go back to sleep, I decided to start my cleaning. Today is my day off of work so I can relax and take my time making sure everything is cleaned up. My house wasn't a huge mess, but things definitely needed to be dusted and reorganized a bit. I am almost finished cleaning, I just have to finish laundry and then sweep and mop the linoleum. I do in fact though have to make a trip to walmart to buy a broom and a mop. For some reason my roommates don't have either, which I find strange. Though at least I have a vacuum. And for that, I am thankful! I cannot wait to be finished with cleaning. It will be a gratifying feeling having a completely clean house. Yay!

I love I have mentioned this many times. So I am going to give you links to two of my favorites of one of my favorite people on youtube. His name is Joe, but he goes by Mystery Guitar Man. He is talented musically, and makes some pretty fun videos. This first one is called Magic Glasses, and the second one is called Pop! They're Gone! I hope you enjoy them!

My also have been hearing a song on the radio that I have began to really really enjoy listening to. It's called Some Kind of Love. Here's the link to listen to it on youtube: Some Kind of Love - Phil Stacey. Listen to it sometime. It's about God's love, and hearing it puts me into a great mood. As well as singing it, in my car or my apartment where no one but God can hear me. haha.

Pjs. And spending the day in them. Need I say more?

Another song! Francesca Battistelli sings a song called Beautiful Beautiful. This song is another one of those feel good songs to listen to. There's even a music video on youtube. Beautiful Beautiful.

Piano. At work there are two Piano's in the lobby right in the area I spend the majority of my time at work. There's  huge white grand piano. So beautiful! There's also a black one, though I think this one is a smaller grand piano. Not definite because I am not a piano expert. One of my favorite things about work is that customers or guests at the hotel will often play these pianos. Most of the time these piano players have been very talented, and it's so peaceful for me to hear someone play the piano. One of my Best Friend's, [Brittany] plays piano, and hearing it reminds me of her.

The Flameless Luminary air freshener from Febreze. It is wonderful! Cranberry-Pear. It smells amazing, and looks so adorable! the light blinks as if it has an actual flame in it, and the square paper with the cute designs on it is what makes it smell so nice. Definitely my new favorite type of air freshener. Try it out sometime. =]

Alright! Well I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend, stay optimistic and positive about things in life. You'll be happier when you focus on the happy things in life. I promise.
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

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