Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

This week has been pretty amazing for me. I have been enjoying many things in life and I just hope I have the time to post everything today. I overslept so I'm a bit pressed with time.
First off. This hilarious video clip: It's always sunny.
Second. I love finding new blogs to read. One new one is also a newly created blog from a really good friend of mine. Tony.
Third. This past week I went and saw the movie Grown Ups. Might I say.. It was Hilarious! Loved it.

I love living in an apartment for many reasons, yet this week I love it because maintenance problems are free to get fixed. Last weekend my toilet started leaking in the back, and it would get water all over the floor. I started putting a Tupperware container behind the toilet where the leak was so the water would just go in there and not on the floor. It worked for awhile, until I'd forget to empty it and it would end up on the floor anyway. So Monday night I decided I'd take a look at it. [Note: I know absolutely nothing about plumbing.]  I figured it could just be something loose that I could tighten. So I'm messing with it, and then... It breaks. And there's water squirting everywhere! Including myself. [Note: I just previously took a shower before checking this out.] I was so upset, I didn't know what to do, and then I accidentally pinched the cord. [Duh Katrina!] And so I kept it bent, and then took the hair tie out of my hair and wrapped that around it so it wouldn't squirt anymore water. Yay. The next morning I went up to the leasing office and told them about it. [Which I also found out I could have called the emergency number to let them know exactly when it happened, ha. Now I know for next time. Even though I really hope there won't be a next time.] They were able to fix it while I was at work, and it didn't cost me a penny! It was wonderful!

Speaking of wonderful! At my job, part of the responsibilities when seating a guest is getting their last name to personalize their experience. This one couple had the last name of "Wonderful." Yes, I did love this; and yes, I did overuse their name; and yes, they loved it too. "Right this way Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful; Alright Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful, your servers name is ...; Have a wonderful meal Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful; Have a wonderful evening Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful!" Haha, so maybe I am a bit easily amused. Though they got a laugh out of it, which made my day!

Yesterday the first greeting I got on my way to work was, "Hey, you have a beautiful smile." No I do not need people to tell me nice things to feel good about myself. I am confident and I am fine with who I am, inside and out. Though it's still a pleasant way to start a day! =]

Ok, I love having a cleep mouth. And after watching this, I love it more. Mouth wash please!

One of the youtubers I follow on youtube is a company called Improv Everywhere. They are wonderful. Their newest video is fantastic! So if you like star wars even a little bit, you will enjoy this: Improv Everywhere! 
If you would like to learn more about them, here is their official site.

Ok, sometimes really stupid things aren't that funny. Though I have to show you guys this video because this guy's happiness is wonderful! I hope I am this happy [not on drugs!] if I was to see this site too! Double Rainbow! The techno remix's are pretty great too. I'd find one for you, but I am short on time.

I'm sure plenty of you have heard about the psychic octopus. Well, I was shown this link from another blog, and I think it's worth talking about again! Octopus.

Alright, this was also taken from another blogger. Though it's a good link. Are you sometimes a negative person? Are you a pessimistic? Well then, go Read This!

Alright, I can't believe I finished this, with barley enough time! Haha. I hope you guys enjoyed it! So have a wonderful Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday!! Woot! Which means it's basically the weekend!
Thanks for reading my blog!I appreciate it more than words! =]
Love you all,

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