Friday, July 02, 2010

Forget sleep, lets write!

Another blog?
But it hasn't even been 24 hours since your last one?
Yeah, I know! Usually they're days or a week apart.

Haha.. alright. Last night I got a lot of rest. Needless to say. I am not very tired.
So I was talking to God, and thanking Him. I have come a long way from where I was a year ago.
And there are people that were removed from my life, for good reason. although those reasons may not have made sense in the past. They sure do now. And it wasn't just people, but situations, environments, and mentalities. Not to say there weren't any good people, situations, environments, and mentalities.. Because there absolutely was! Plenty in which I miss greatly. Anyway, the dreams I've been having lately aren't as terrible as they used to be. They're becoming as pleasant as my new living situation is. They're about living here, and people here. Not only that, but the people I love and miss greatly from before get mixed in too. It's been the best. So I was about to write a status about my happy thoughts on twitter. Then I took the words and started writing. A poem came to be, yay! So here it is.

it's nice to be away from you
to be so far away
to exist in my own reality
no longer bound with shame
I'm free from the trap
the bait no longer tempts me

as often as the chances have always been there
the choices just began to embrace the opportunities
a home I can call my own
a place I can be alone
yet never lonely for my God engulfs me
and places people in the path I'm walking

His promises ring truth
my purpose with Him is fulfilling
the past is really gone
and the present is worth living
now I can live free, so please
consume me dreams..
dreams of my new reality

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, even though the meaning is personal to me. I will often put my poetry within my blog, so keep on the lookout. =]
Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate is a ton!
Love you all,

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