Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Plans prevent stress

When I have something planned out, I stress less. I am not sure how you all work with planning, but I enjoy plans. This mostly goes for work or school scheduling. When I am with friends, I do not mind having things plan out randomly.
Anyway, back to plans.
I have been stressing about my school schedule because I missed the early resister dates. One of the courses I need next semester is already full. Ah! Writing that is stressing me out! Though I have a plan.
I moved to Orlando with purpose.
I moved here to better myself.
I moved here because I felt like God was leading me here.
I moved here to become independent.
I moved here to get a new beginning.
Though the reason I chose Orlando was because of school.
I want my career to be focused around Stage Lighting. I am currently in a Production design program at Valencia Community College. The funny thing about Valencia is although they have quite a few people in the Entertainment Design/Film/Theatre majors they have certain courses that are only offered Fall, only offered Spring, or only offered spring or fall, not summer. So what does this mean for me?
This means I must have a plan. I must know which courses I will take when before I ever get to resister for classes.
Thankfully, Valencia has this application within the Atlas email called an Education Plan. This lets me choose my major, and place each course for the major in the semester I plan to take it until I graduate.
I just altered my Education Plan because I had to make sure I was fitting in the Spring only, and fall only courses in the right semesters.
If all goes as planned... I will be registering for classes friday at noon. I will get on the wait list for Stagecraft for this spring, and since I know God has made it possible for me to succeed here, He will help me make it into the class. I will get into that class. I need to.
Granted, if I don't. I have a back-up plan. Though the back-up plan requires me to take more summer courses.
So once again, if all goes as planned...
I will have my Technical Certificate by the end of this upcoming summer. =] Yay!
Now what does this mean for me?
According to my lighting teacher, I can sign myself up for the union to get jobs in my industry already!
Saaweet!! Right! =]
We'll see how that goes
As continued, if all goes as planned.
I will finish my classes by the end of Spring 2012 for my AS desgree. I will then have my internship as the only requirement left for my degree. Woot!

I feel less stressed already.

On a lighter note...

The lighting teacher for the Advanced Lighting Class I plan to take next semester designs the lighting for Northland Church.
Uhm, connections....please?
Northland Church Lighting:

Here's a link to more of his work. If you care to look more into it. George Jackson's Portfolio.

Thanks for reading my blog guys!
Love you all,

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