Sunday, November 07, 2010

Let God Handle This.


I went to register for classes this past Friday.
Turns out that three out of the four classes I need this semester are full.
So I am on a waiting list.
Though I just noticed an available spot for my makeup class. And I know there are three total on the waiting list for this class.
I am not sure if I am second or third. As long as the first person misses the 24 hour sign up, and if I'm third, then the second person misses it. Or maybe they both don't need it anymore..[that feels nicer to say.] Then I can secure that class. =]

Basically, I'm hoping for God to handle this stress. Cause It's a bit overwhelming. Ah.
Mostly though, I need to get into my Advanced Stage Lighting class. Cause it is only offered in the Spring. Which means if I don't take it now.. I can't take it until next year.
That thought scares me.

Good news: I looked at the class list for my CAD class, and I know a few people. Yay!

Another update..
I've got a concept design due tomorrow for Creative Design for Theatre.
Only thirty more pages left to read before I can start to conjure up some ideas.



Love you all,

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