Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

The thing I love about my week:

+ Doing a rocking job on my Costume Design's for the R.U.R. play in my Creative Design for Theatre Class.
+ Starting on our Stage Lighting Project in Creative Design.
+ Starting on the Stage Lighting Project in Intro to Lighting. Choosing Bohemian Rhapsody for our song we're designing a light show for. Woot! And it being my idea. Go good ideas!
+ Not getting lost.
+ Having one of my teachers check about adding another Advanced Lighting Class to the school schedule, hopefully the administration goes for it!
+ Getting extra hours at work.
+ Knowing I have a few friends here who can make life a bit less stressful. [Even though I do super miss my other friends]
+ Parents support. =]
+ Bread Pudding. It's so delicious.
+ Skype. Seriously, awesome invention.
+ This website for helping you save money for school: Upromise.

And knowing that there will be better weeks ahead of me, because Life can be beautiful!

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

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