Thursday, November 04, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

This is where I write about the things I love from this week:

+Kitchen Nightmares.
I am so amused by cooking shows, especially ones involving Gordon Ramsey.
I am not sure if it's his adorable accent, his cooking skill, or the fact that he's in most of the good cooking shows, but I love watching him. If you did not know, I love to watch shows involving cooking, or baking. All of it, amuses me. If I wasn't so afraid of getting burned while cooking I'd probably pursue it as a career.
+Finding a second Christian radio station. Which is especially nice since the other one is doing the fall fundraiser and therefor has more talking and less music.
+Wearing tights, I got a few pairs, black ones, grey ones, and navy blue ones. They're comfortable and I feel more appropriate when wearing them with shorts or a skirt. =]
+ Learning about lighting because of the paper I had to write about up and coming trends in my industry.
+ Doing an awesome job in my Stage Model for Creative Design for theatre.
+ Seeing my manager pray with a table last weekend.
+ My room spray, Pumpkin Spice. =]
+ LIPTON Purple A├žai and Blueberry Green Tea Superfruit

this video:

Oren Lavie - Her morning elegance from Yi on Vimeo.

Have a happy Thursday!
Thanks for reading my blog,

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