Friday, August 20, 2010

Things I Love Thursday/Friday

I am late getting home tonight, so even though it is still my Thursday night, it is officially Friday. Oh well, here are the things I loved about my week!
*First off, I feel like this week has dragged on so slow. This could be because I am wishing for time to fly so I can start school, or cause I have been working the pm shifts at work and the business has been throughely slow. Either way, I'm thankful it's Thursday! Why? Cause this Thursday is my Friday! I have Friday and Saturday off work. I am completely thrilled! I have not had a Saturday off since I started working here. Yay!
This upcoming Saturday will also be the two month mark of working at the Hyatt. Yay!
*For those of you who know me pretty well you know I am a fan of Julian Smith on youtube.He often talks about or features his cat, Scout in videos. This week "Scout" created a Twitter account.

*Getting recognition from a manager on what quality of customer service? Smiling at every guest, of course. I would. Haha.
*Getting to hang out with coworkers at the beach on my day off.
*Pami is moving back to Orlando. Tomorrow!Today!
*Laughing, and how great it feels to be able to laugh with people, whether they are your friends or not!

*Getting to know my roommate more, and loving to see how God really worked out a great situation for me in Orlando.
*The Kit to my Kat is back in Orlando too!
*Knowing you are safe not because of cops or security, but because of God.
*Sleep! Speaking of, I am off to bed now.

Thanks for reading my blog. I apologize that the majority of my blog postings have been TILT. I hope to gather some blog ideas I have and create them for mid-week postings.
Love you all,

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