Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Ello Friends,

It is Thursday again!
Lets get this started...

Ballerina Project.
If you know anything about me, you will understand why I love this!
If you don't know anything about me, well... now you do. Dance is important to me, I love every aspect of the art, and the fact that a city has a project featuring dance within the city is just, well beautiful to say the least.

A coworker and I were discussing religion and such, and he made the joke that he is apart of Jews for Jesus. I know, it is silly. Though this made my laugh for probably five minutes straight. I love good jokes.

Although I have yet to actually use this feature in Orlando, I love that I know it is available if I need it.
Grub Taxi. Grub Taxi is a place you go online or call to have food delivered from restaurants that do not have delivery. Talk about a genius idea! No more delivery options of just pizza and Chinese!

A white dress. Today I found a very beautiful white dress at khols for very inexpensive. I have been wanting a casual yet somewhat dressy white dress for some time now. I am super excited, though I am not sure where I will wear this dress. Possibly school?

Speaking of school!!! Today I got my student ID and my books. One book in particular: Stage Lighting! School is just seventeen days away! Woot!

Facial's. Today I got to hang out with one of my new Orlando friends, yay! Something she is very talented in is giving facials. She took a course during high school that taught her all she needed to know, so tonight I received my first facial. It was great!

Nutella Crapes. Tonight me and my new Orlando friend went to IHOP for dinner. I got crapes, which came as an option to have nutella with them! Yum! For those of you who know nothing about Nutella, here.

Snickers. Many times candy companies put codes on the inside of the wrapper's in order to win cool prizes or enter contests. Though Snickers is changing it up a bit. I am so proud of what they're doing! There's a code on the inside of the wrapper that you can either enter online, or text the code to the number given. Instead of you winning something, you're donating a meal to someone in need through "Feeding America." How awesome is that! Go Snickers!

Uhm... Tomorrow I am trying out a florida east coast beach. I am extremely excited to get some sun! Not only cause I get to hang out with a fun coworked, but also to even out the tan on my right arm, plus get rid of my watch tan mark on my left wrist. Haha.

Alrighty, well good night everyone. Have a pleasant and blessed Friday/weekend.
Till next time...
Love you all,

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