Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Welcome to my Blog,

Today[tonight] I am starting a new weekly blog entry for every Thursday! It's called, Things I love Thursday! I'm going to be writing about things I love about today, or something interesting and new in my life currently. The idea for this is not original, so I will give credit where credit is due. Here.  I also have a dear friend of mine who does Things I Love Thursday too! My dear friend.
Here we go!

1. Dresses. I love dresses. Today I wore a dress to my interview with the Hyatt Hotel. It was black, with rectangle..ish. shapes on it, spread kind of like polka dots are. And it had a red bow on the front waist. I felt pretty, yet very professional. Dresses are like positive energy for me, I can't have a bad day wearing a dress.

2. This site has helped me numorous times! It's a site set up for college students to rate their professors and put their honest opinions of the class and the teacher. There are four ratings they're rated on: helpfulness, clarity, easiness, and you can even rate them hot or not! Then they're given an overall rating and you're allowed to leave other comments concerning the class.
Whether those comments be:
-The teacher shows favoritism to students, so get on their good side
-If you miss class...ok just DON'T!!
-They have bad breath, beware!
-This teacher gives you 5 tests, 2 projects and one of those is a group project, along with a presentation and 3 pop quiz's. The teacher also only used the book once.
And the list of comments go on, but you really get the dirt, and the helpful information to know a general idea of the type of teacher you're dealing with before you get into class. It is wonderful!

3. People. I encountered a lot of people today and yesterday between my interviews at the Hyatt. And most people are friendly, I never encountered anyone rude or non helpful. It was nice. Yeah, yeah, yeah, not everyone is nice. Though I believe a majority of the world is, especially in a place of business, since it's a job requirement. So maybe some of the niceness isn't real, but either way I appreciate it! haha

4. Cute men. I know, I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Though it's nice to see God's talents shown off around me. haha

5. My black pumps. It's a very staple item for a girls wardrobe, and I am very thankful for mine because they're comfortable, cute, and useful. It's said you know how good of a deal you got on something from how many times you use it. For example, If I bought a pair of shoes for $25, and only wore them once then I wasn't getting such a great deal. Though if I wore them every day for a year, then it was like paying 7 cents per day for them, which is a great deal compared to the shoes I bought for $25 and only wore once!! [hypothetically of course, lol] My point is, my black pumps have gotten my money's worth, and I love that!

6. Friends. True ones. The ones you know you'll stay friends with no matter what! Even a move. =]

7. Fun FREE ring tones! RinnngRinnnngRinnnng I have been able to download many of my favorite songs to have as ringtones for completely free. Including Julian Smith's Jelly fish song. So if you're interested, click on the link and search for your favorite tone! [Just so you know, not all of the ringtones on the website are free, so look around and find the free ones, there's actually a lot.]

8. Hulu is a site to watch tv shows online. Which I absolutely LOVE because I don't have a tv where I currently live. Which is ok, I would rather sit through a thirty second commercial on hulu and choose my time of when to watch a show and if I want to pause it or rewind it on my computer than watch a show on tv.

9. Clementine

10. Molly

Mk, with less than a half hour of my Thursday, those are just 10 Things I Love Thursday! [I may not always do ten, I could do less, or more.] Have a wonder last few minutes of Thursday and a fantastic Friday!
Thank You for reading this, I appreciate it! Mucho Lots!
Love you all,


  1. :D You need a reactions box so I can just click a button when I like something. haha.
    Ps: I love this, "Things I Love Thursday", they show so much about a person. lol.

  2. Haha, mk I'll make some!

    Post.Script. Agreed!!!

  3. haha, I love my black pumps too :)

  4. Brandon- Hilarious! How did you find my blog?