Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Relieve stress.

Recently I've been applying at jobs, after jobs, after jobs, after jobs... And through all these applications I've memorized references addresses and phone numbers, answered just about every personality question there is, and I've wanted to curl up and cry through most of it. One question on the kmart personality questions stuck out especially to me tonight. There were many questions related to how you handle stress, and this one was, "when stressed out from work what do you do to relieve the stress?" the answers you were able to choose were:
sleep in on your day off.
eat something delicious.
spend time with friends/family.
I don't get stressed.

When I read this question, I wished there was an "Other" option because honestly there's only one thing that can help me relieve my stress. I put "sleep in on my day off" for my answer, mostly because physically it makes me feel better after getting to sleep in with no time to get up. Though I wanted to answer God.
I know that sounds cheesy, but in all honesty, that is who I rely on. I simply cannot imagine my life without God, I can barley remember what I ever did before I knew Him. [except that I was extremely depressed.] Even though moving to Orlando is a big change, and a scary change for me, I knew I would be able to do it because I have God. And no matter what stress I undergo, I will always be able to turn to Him for comfort, peace, and guidance. God has the right job for me, and the right timing in it all. And the last thing I'm worried about is getting overly stressed, why? Because I have the creator of the universe to carry my load! I have applied to about forty, maybe even more, jobs recently. And out of those plus a few others I plan on applying at here soon, God has the position held for me. And I can smile, and worship Him for each and every opportunity that does, or doesn't work out. I am especially going to remember to worship Him when something doesn't work out because I know that if I was put into a place where I am not supposed to be at then I would ultimately be unhappy. And Katrina doesn't do unhappy. =P
So remember everyone, no matter what stress life is crowding you with remember that God knows you can handle it, and the parts you can't handle, He can, and He will! Let God have the first and final say in your life, He knows the right choices for you to make, and when you choose to live in His will your life will prosper. So... if you need to relieve some stress:
Let God have the keys so He can open and close the right doors in your life.
God Bless

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