Thursday, October 06, 2011


Things I LOVE Thursday

+This beautiful fall weather. I love October.
+My new red blazer
+My new black boat shoes, Sperry's are so freakin' comfortable!
+Wii fit
+Blue glitter nail polish
+Braids. French braids, and fishtail braids. I love styling my hair with them.
+Being the Assistant Lighting Designer for Valencia's fall musical, once again. I love learning about lighting.
+Glee, it is so wonderful to have this show back in season.
+The new shows: New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Secret Circle, Up All Night, Revenge
+Knowing where you are is where you need to be.
+The anticipation for this upcoming weekend, going to see the Script and HCR in concert.
+God and his enormous amount of love.
+Being content where God is taking my life.

Thanks for reading my blog.
Love you all,

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