Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday..
The day I encourage myself to sit back and reflect on my life and everything positive in it. This one is going to be for the last two weeks because last week was a bit too crazy for me to write.

+I love my friends. I love that my friends are there for me when I need them the most. I love that my friends listen to me. I love that my friends understand me and who I choose to be. I love laughing with friends, dining with friends, and just being around people I love.

+I love lighting design. I love focusing lights for a show and I definitely believe that is where my passion most lies with lighting.

+I love peace. I love that I feel peaceful and relaxed when I am home. I love things being calm and..well peaceful.

+The Script concert was everything I hoped for last weekend. I had a ton of fun that evening and the lighting for the concert was just as wonderful.

+Being able to watch church online when I'm not feeling good, and there being a service at 1pm so I can sleep in!

+Accomplishing tasks and getting things finished.

+Things happening for a reason.

+Learning from trials put in front of me.


+Sunny weather because it reminds me that florida is basically a state with full time summer.

+Cold pouring rain, and puddle jumping.

+School. Yes, I did type school! I love Valencia and everything it has caught me thus far. I love that I am able to pursue my passion here, from people who are passionate about what they are doing.

+Speaking of school... The Drowsy Chaperone starts at Valencia tomorrow evening, and tonight was the invited dress. I was so excited to finally sit back and watch the finishing touches come together on the show I helped with. It was beautiful, and I loved it.

+ Laffy Taffy jokes, they never get old. (For me...)

+Cold weather is back again!

+Fine tuning my resume, and designing a business card for myself.

+Family, I love mine.

+Getting offered an opportunity to design lights for a show later this year. Excited much, yes!

Chad Sugg.. said well..

Chad Sugg, Luke Conard, Alex Goot

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