Thursday, December 09, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Well, it is Thursday again, which means there's a positive note I plan to gloat about.

+ Well first off, it was my Birthday this past weekend. I am officially twenty years old. Yay.
+ Our group in Intro to Stage Lighting did our lighting project on Monday, and I am pretty sure we nailed it. Plus we had a ton of fun creating our show.
+ Seeing Burlesque for my birthday. I absolutely loved the movie.
+ Getting my lighting test back that I thought I bombed and actually getting a 92 on! Yay! Unfortunately that is still a B, but I am perfectly thankful considering I thought I was going to fail.
+ Getting off the waitlist and into my Advanced Stage Lighting class for next semester. So Excited!!
+ My current lighting teacher showing a few of us the new fancy Grand AM2 Lighting Board we get to work with in Advanced Stage Lighting. Which is also the same console they use for the Amway building for the Magic Basketball Games. Plus we're the first class to have the opportunity to learn about this board.
+ My parents sending me a care package, and giving me stuff to plant an Aloe plant. Which I thought was quite hilarious considering I burned my hand pretty bad last week on a curling iron.
+ Speaking of curling irons, I used one without burning myself last Monday.
+ Getting some killer awesome hours at work before Christmas, even though I'm exhausted.
+ Having my credit card work again.
+ Seeing "She Stoops To Conquer" at the Mad Cow Theatre  in Downtown Orlando.
+ Hanging out with my friends on my birthday.
+ Red Velvet cake.
+ Buying Christmas Cards to mail out to family and such. I feel so adult. Haha.
+ Knowing my phone contract is up and I can get a new phone!
+ School is almost finished for the semester. I. Am. Excited!
+ The employee Christmas Party is next week! I'm excited!
+ One of the youth I used to help mentor posting a scripture I used to always tell her on facebook, and her writing that she hasn't forgotten me telling her. It warmed my heart, and really made me miss youth ministry.

Have a blessed week, thanks for reading my blog!
Love you all,

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