Friday, December 31, 2010

Things I Love 2010.

Since I have missed the last few "Things I Love Thursday's" because I have been quite busy, I decided to write about the recent things I loved and my year's positive notes. I hope you all have had a wonderful year. Maybe your year has undergone some of the worst moments in your life, for that I apologize for the turmoil you have had to endure. I hope you can still look back at the year seeking out positive memories to remember. Whether that be good laughs with friends, new friends, exciting trips, or even surviving a tough situation and coming out stronger because of it. Use whatever reason you can to smile and rejoice about your year, cause life is too short to frown. =]

+Being finished with my first semester at Valencia Community College. [Which is actually being changed to Valencia College]
+Making all A's this semester.
+Working a ton and thankfully making some decent money over this break! Christmas wasn't too expensive, and I should be able to afford my books next semester.
+Loving my job, even through stressful temporary transitions.
+Thoroughly enjoying Christmas music
+Getting to see my family and friends after it being wayy too long since I had seen them last.
+I got a Wii for Christmas! Woot! =]]
+Doing all my Christmas shopping between Forever 21 and walmart. Serious skills. =]
+Making Christmas cookies for my roommates, work, and family. They loved them, which makes me feel good. Woot!
+Finding seriously awesome sales still two days after Christmas. I didn't spend more than $5 on one item, and I picked out some cute stuff! Woot!


+Figuring out what I want to do for my career.
+Taking action and applying to Valencia once the school was found, thanks to my mom for the help! =]
+Finding an apartment and moving to Orlando.
+Having awesome roommates. Seriously, God set up a nice environment for me.
+Being stressed for so long while looking for a job. Gaining patience while waiting for an opportunity. Landing a job that turned out better than expected. Appreciating having a job because it took so much work to find one.
+Learning independence.
+Learning how to be okay with being alone.
+Making it through stressful situations cause of my God.
+Having the courage to go to a large church without people I know being there.
+Staying healthy, I can't remember the last cold I had.
+Making many new friends between work and school.
+Still keeping contact with my close friends from other towns.
+Having a family who loves and supports me.
+Having my air fixed, and figuring out my cruise control setting in my car! Woot!
+Starting a blog! 
+Keeping my fast. =]

Alrighty, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve and day!
Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

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  1. I just wanted to say that it was REALLY good seeing you this week. Also, I want to say how proud I am to be your best friend; not only in your ability to grow and adapt in any situation, but to stay strong in what you believe and dream. Love you, and I hope and pray that 2011 bring on just as many laughs and new adventures as the last. <3