Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Love. Love. Love. Love it!
This is my weekly blog about the wonderful, fantastic, superb, fun things that happened this week. The things I loved about my week, basically.
I hope you enjoy!

+Taylor introducing me to this site:
+Finally be accepted for a credit card, now I can build credit. Yay!
+My car batter dying at home, not at school or work. Getting it fixed only charged me $85!!! Great Deal! Plus it was like delivery car service since Orange County Towing came and fixed it.
+My model for my stage progressing. Plus the teacher extended the due date for the model. Yay!
+Looking around for a place to get a mani-pedi. Finding a coupon site that has one coupon per day. The day after signing up the coupon is for a mani-pedi nearby for $25. I made an appointment for Friday. I am excited! The coupon site is:
+Having to do a surprise presentation in Lighting today. Feeling like I did pretty great!
+Best Friends.
+Being single. I love not being attached right now. And being completely content with this.
+Hanging out with coworkers!
+My intro to theatre class was canceled for the week, which means I got out of school earlier. Yay.
+The weather being cold enough to use my car heater. Woot!

Alrighty that's it for now. I leave you with an adorable cat picture.

Have a wonderful Thursday and rest of your weekend!
Thanks for reading my blog!
Love you all,

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