Thursday, October 07, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

+Setting up lights in my lighting class for the musical Carousal.
+Including setting up lights in the catwalk. >_< So fun!
+I Am Second
+This poor guy, look what Justin Bieber did to him! Lol Wrong guy.
+Dear Google, who's the cutest?
+[To make your own, go here: Let me Google that for you.]
+You can also google a number of other fun things, such as:
 -google chuck norris [press I'm feeling lucky!].
 -google ewmew fudd [press I'm feeling lucky!].
 -answer to life, the universe and everything [press google search].
 -google pacman [press I'm feeling lucky]. Yes, you can still play!
 -once in a blue moon[press google search].
 -elgood [press I'm feeling lucky].
 -xx-piglatin [press I'm feeling lucky].
Haha, well that should be enough google for now.

+Getting AM shifts at work. Yay!
+Being able to wear long sleeves again! It's about time it's getting cold!
+Going to my first UCF game, yay!
+Walking to the game and passing by a hot dog stand at a church. They were giving away free hot dogs. Granted I had already ate and I didn't get one, but the church I attended in Arcadia did this often. It warmed my heart to see the church be loving. Yay!

Attending church at Discovery is so nice because their worship music is so beautiful.
Speaking of beautiful, my favorite song this week [which is a song Discovery sang during worship on sunday night.] is called Beautiful Things, by Michael Gungor. Here it is:

Alrighty, thanks so much for reading my blog.
Have a lovely couple of hours left to this fine thursday! Also have great weekend.
Until next time,
Love you all,


  1. Dear Kat, the cat picture makes me want to cry 10,000 giddy, happy tears. haha (:

  2. Haha! Yeah, I agree, it's absolutely adorable!