Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hey guys, I have returned with the wonderful Things I Love Thursday.. at the very last moments of Thursday.

i love:
+Rainy weather, and being able to snuggle up in my bed and be lazy while I listen to the rain.
+No school stress
+Being able to wear normal clothes to class again, this including dress's.
+Orange Juice, It just makes me feel good after I drink it. And to think, I loathed this stuff as a kid.
+The management at my work, they're good people
+Being able to sit out at a pool and soak up that vitamin D
  +and running with a friend
+The movie Bad Teacher.. Hiilariious!
+Trying out new cooking techniques and looking up recipes. I cooked me some seared/broiled bbq chicken.. yuum.
+Reconnecting memories with old friends
+Discovering that cake pops is a really easy recipe, oh yes! I am going to try out those for fourth of July!
+Signing up for LDI. Which is basically a techie conference with Lighting, Audio, and Projection stuff. And I get in free to the Exhibit Hall, and it is in Orlando. Woot!
+Being able to rock high waist shorts and heals
+Working with fun people
+Eggs, there are so many ways to prepare them!
+Family. =]

 "always have enough cups to fill, this way when your old ones overflow you can continue to get filled."

Keep the beat up, lets drop the beat down
It’s my party dance if I want to- Tonight Tonigh by Hot Chelle Rae

Thanks for reading my blog,
love you all,

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