Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Hello Blog,
I have missed you!
It has been quite some time since I have made the time to even visit back to my blog, let alone write.
Lots and lots of lovely things have been happening within the last few months...
Though before I get on with this, I suppose I should re explain this blog.
Things I Love Thursday, or TILT is all about writing about what I love. Mostly things I loved about my week and day. Though they are not limited to these time constraints, for example now.. I am going to go on about some things from the last few weeks.

To begin with, I made it through the Summer A semester I dreaded so much to go through. With A's, by the way. It was lots and lots of hours every week, but full of lots and lots of learning that I was thankful to be apart of. Including the show MidSummer Night's Dream at Valencia. I was on costume crew for the show and made a donkey head for the character Nick Bottom. It looked pretty awesome If I do say so myself. And the process of learning it was a whole new level of fun itself.

+The Midsummer production as a whole went extremely well, the look of the set, costumes, lighting and such came together very nicely
+Meeting new faces within this experience
+Being able to engage in learning about light board operating.
I learned scenic painting in Stage Craft and did a group enlargement project of a giraffe eating the moon, I think it's quite cute.

+Enjoying living in a nicer apartment
+Enjoying less driving and less use of gas because of my move
+Enjoying summer heat by the pool
+Cooking, despite my lack of skill
+Having a closet
+Still loving my phone five months later
+Making new friends
+Looking forward to my monthly massage this weekend
+Being able to wear normal clothes to class again, not ones covered in paint.
+Finding a new joy in the color red.
+Mood changing nail polish
+Glitter mood changing nail polish

+Trying some amazing food items prepared by cooks at my work during this morning's meeting
+The people I work with
+Spending time with friends from work
+Frozen yogurt = Love
+Window shopping/Trying on clothes we know we won't be buying
+Singing in the Apple Store
+Testing makeup at sephora
+"Testing" nail polish at Clair's, I got all my nails painted. haha
+Caving in a buying a dress from forever 21 that easily could have become my favorite dress in my closet
+Noticing the scripture reference John 3:16 on the bottom of the Forever 21 bags

A lovely image I found:

When a great song is made greater:

Basically life seems to be going smoothly lately and I am constantly finding more optimistic opportunities. I have many more things to be excited about this upcoming summer and I hope It's one I will remember for years to come. I have missed you guys, I once again.. Thank you for reading my blog.
Love You All,

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