Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Hey! It's Thursday! Which means I get to talk about the positive things from my week. For those of you reading who haven't been around since I started doing TILT, I'd like to tell about my inspiration. First off, the person I stole the idea from is quite the interesting one, but I have never personally met her. She is actually the wife of one of my most favorite famous youtuber's, Julian Smith. Her name is Sarah Smith, and her blog is called theoneinpink. If you enjoy reading positive inspirational insightful blogs, I would suggest subscribing to her.

This freezing cold weather! As uncomfortable it is being too cold sometimes, there's nothing like a cup of hot tea, or hot chocolate, a warm blanket and the quietness of your room to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Plus, it beats sweating. Any day.

Starting school!
Alrighty, I did already miss the first day of my government class from over sleeping. Though I made it on time, actually early, today and I quiet enjoyed the class. I know, this doesn't sound right if you know me at all. Anything history related is gross to me, but I like how my teacher taught, I actually felt like I was understanding. That I appreciate from teachers.

My Advanced Stage Lighting class. Wow. I am stoked for this class! Seriously the board we are using for lights is the TOP board in the WORLD. Used by Disney, the Amway center, American Idol, huge concert artists. And I get to learn how to program it?? This is going to be exciting!

Makeup for the stage.
Oh boy, oh boy! I am going to have fun in this class. Learning how to make people look old, animal faces, gender switch, ect...

Being able to see my friends from school is kinda nice also, I missed them!

Getting enough hours at work. =]

Getting my score for my evaluation, and finding out I made "Distinguished." Which basically means I'm pretty good at my job, and because of it, I get an extra raise! Woot! =]

Not getting sick. =]

This Episode of StayTards:

There's nothing like finding out your favorite well know.. famous ish people Love God. =]

Alrighty, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Love you all,

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