Saturday, April 03, 2010


[This is my first blog, so I suppose it's quite typical for me to put a small message here about...stuff. First off, one of my best friends, BrittanyRose, inspired me to start writing blogs. Our blog names start with the same word. Yes, I did this on purpose. [Hope you're okay with this Britt!] For weeks I had been wanting to start writing, and now when I get the time [when I say time, I mean I'm putting aside sleep for a short bit.] I don't feel as inspired with as much words. Though it will be a process. For now I'm going to my roots of a original blogging norm for myself.  Poetry.]

This poem was written Monday March 29, 2010 while I was listening to worship music at Revolution Church of Arcadia. God told me to get a pen and some paper, this is what came out...

There's a spirit inside of you,
So very desperate to move.
Forget the pain, there is love covering you.
His love, full of compassion and grace,
Wanting to break through.
Through your walls,
Through your anger,
Through your fears,
To set free your dreams,
And prove the Christ in you.
Child be calm,
There's peace readily available for you.
Your flesh was forgiven,
And now it's time to let His spirit show through.
Show through and begin the Revolution in you,
Because there's a movement in you.
A movement that praises your Redeemer.
A movement that reflects your Savior.
A movement that is steadfast.
And declaring the whole of you.
Declaring to the world who lives in you.
So stand up,
And share who died for you,
Will you?

God is seriously infatuated with you. [when I say "you" I mean every single human being on this earth, no matter who you are inside and/or out.] He really does LOVE all of his people. He sent His son to die for you and then He sent His Spirit to live in you. His spirit was sent to comfort you when you're sad, to help you when you're struggling, and guide you to make wise decisions. Though as awesome as it is to know His spirit is inside of you, it's ever more awesome to tell the people who do not know Christ's spirit is inside of them. Revelation is a beautiful thing, and when a mass amount of people get a revelation it starts a movement, which creates a Revolution.

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  1. To start things off: of course I am okay with that! haha.

    Moving on the more important things though, I love that poem. So many times we let the things in life weigh us down. Whether it be anger, bitterness, depression, whatever, we seen to forget that God is right there, always.

    I encourage you to keep your head up. I can tell that you are unsure or anxious about several things, but just remember to find peace in God. (: Love you kiddo, and thanks for being an awesome friend to me.

    -Brittany Rose